Respiratory bronchiole

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Latin = bronchioli respiratorii
GraySubject = 240
GrayPage = 1098

Caption = Diagram of the alveoli with both cross-section and external view.

Caption2 = Schematic longitudinal section of a primary lobule of the lung (anatomical unit);
r. b respiratory bronchiole;
al. d alveolar duct; at atria;
a. s alveolar sac;
'a' alveolus or air cell;
p. a.: pulmonary artery;
p. v pulmonary vein;
l lymphatic;
l. n lymph node.
Precursor =
System =
Artery =
Vein =
Nerve =
Lymph =
MeshName =
MeshNumber =
DorlandsPre = b_23
DorlandsSuf = 12197629
The respiratory bronchioles are the beginning of the respiratory segment of the airway and are just distal to the terminal bronchioles (which are the last segment of the conducting airway). The epithelium in this segment is simple cuboidal. The respiratory bronchioles are interrupted by alveoli which are thin walled evaginations. Alveolar ducts are distal continuations of the respiratory bronchioles.


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