UAN is a solution of urea and ammonium nitrate in water used as a fertilizer. The combination of urea and ammonium nitrate has an extremely low critical relative humidity (18% at 30°C) and can therefore only be used in liquid fertilizers. The most commonly used grade of these fertilizer solutions is UAN 32.0.0 (32%N), which consists of 45% ammonium nitrate, 35% urea and only 20% water. Other grades are UAN 28, UAN 30 and UAN 18.The solutions are quite corrosive towards mild steel (up to 500 MPY on C1010 steel) and are therefore generally equipped with a corrosion inhibitor to protect tanks, pipelines, nozzles, etc.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solutions

The solutions contain a remarkably low amount of water and nevertheless have a low salt-out temperature:


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* For a good description of the chemical composition of UAN, see the University of Nebraska Fact Sheet 288-01, "Nitrogen Sources" by Tom Dorn, Extension Educator.

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