Benelli (firearms)

Benelli Armi SpA is an Italian firearm manufacturer founded in 1967, located in Urbino, Italy, most well known for high quality shotguns used by military, law enforcement and civilians all over the world. Particularly famous is the Benelli M3 12 gauge, used extensively by American SWAT teams. Benelli recently introduced the Benelli M4 Super 90, an unusual gas operated semi-automatic shotgun intended for military use in urban warfare. Benelli and Benelli USA have been owned by Pietro Beretta since 2000. [Cite web |url= |title=Fabbrica D' Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.]

Benelli Armi was founded in 1967 as an offshoot of the Benelli motorcycle factory.

Many Benelli shotguns utilize a unique inertia operating system developed by Bruno Civolani.

The Benelli Super Black Eagle, a favorite of waterfowlers, was one of the first semi-automatic shotguns capable of firing the 2.75, 3, and 3.5 inch shotgun shells.The Benelli Nova (pump action), M1 Super 90, and a customized M2 Field are used by Tom Knapp during his shooting exhibitions wherein he will frequently shoot down several hand-thrown clay targets while they're all still in mid-air, setting a world record in October 2004 when he destroyed 10 such targets with 10 shots in 2.0 seconds, with all the targets still airborne.

In the United States, Carolyn McCarthy introduced legislation in the 108th Congress on May 8, 2003 that would ban the M1S90 family of shotguns and any other shotgun that is, "procured for use by the United States military or any Federal law enforcement agency" on the belief that such a shotgun is not suitable for "sporting purposes". [HR 2038]

hotguns (12 gauge)

* Centro
* Comfort
* Cordoba
* Duca di Montefeltro
* M1
* CB M2
* M2 Field
* M3 Super 90
* M4 Super 90
* Nova
* Montefeltro
* Montefeltro Beccaccia
* Pasion
* Rafaello
* Rafaello CrioComfort
* Sport II
* Super Black Eagle I
* Super Black Eagle II
* Super Nova
* Supersport

hotguns (20 gauge)

* Beccaccia 20
* Duca di Montefeltro 20
* M2 20 Comfortech
* Montefeltro 20
* Rafaello 20 Slug
* Rafaello Crio 20


* Argo
* Argo Comfortech
* Argo EL
* Argo Special

Target Pistols

* Benelli MP 90 S World Cup 32 gauge
* Benelli MP 90 S World Cup 22 gauge
* Benelli MP 95E 32 gauge Wad Cutter
* Benelli MP 95E 22 gauge Long Rifle

Air pistols

* Benelli Kite
* Benelli Kite Young


External links

* [ Official homepage - Italy]
* [ Official homepage - USA]

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