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"The American Conservative (TAC)" is a biweekly U.S. opinion magazine founded in 2002 by Scott McConnell, Pat Buchanan, and Taki Theodoracopulos. The magazine is edited by McConnell and published by Ron Unz. "TAC" represents a traditionalist, anti-war and paleoconservative voice against the dominance of what it sees as a neoconservative media establishment. It also has ties with paleolibertarians and libertarian conservatives.


The magazine's editorial stance differs from most other "conservative" and "neoconservative" publications in its opposition to George W. Bush's interventionist foreign policy as well as his immigration and trade policies. "TAC" also holds a decidedly more positive view of Europe than, for example, "The Weekly Standard, National Review, "or" The New Republic." Many of its positions resemble another paleoconservative magazine, "Chronicles", which influenced Buchanan; many writers contribute to both magazines.

In the February 11, 2008, issue, the Magazine endorsed Ron Paul for his 2008 presidential bid. [cite web |url=|title=Paul for President|work=The American Conservative|date=2008-02-11] "TAC" endorsed no single candidate in the 2004 presidential campaign, but instead offered the conservative case for six different choices. These included Buchanan for Bush, McConnell for John Kerry, Justin Raimondo for Ralph Nader, and Kara Hopkins for not voting, as well as arguments for the Libertarian and Constitution parties.

Buchanan currently holds the title of editor emeritus. Some claim he stepped down as editor of the magazine because of opposition to his endorsing President Bush, leaving Scott McConnell to replace him. While McConnell had been acting as editor in chief of the magazine from the beginning, Buchanan’s fame attracted more readers; hence, the title was originally his.Fact|date=February 2007

In the midterm elections of 2006, "The American Conservative" urged its readers to vote for Democrats saying, "It should surprise few readers that we think a vote that is seen—in America and the world at large—as a decisive “No” vote on the Bush presidency is the best outcome." [cite web|url=|work=The American Conservative|date=2006-11-20|title=GOP Must Go]

Ron Unz was named publisher in 2007cite web |url=|title=California Anti-Bilingual Proposition King Ron Unz to be Next Publisher of The American Conservative|work=The Washington Note|date=2007-03-19] . Some paleoconservatives regard him as a proponent of mass immigration. [cite web |url=|title=My Letter to the American Conservative Magazine|work=Conservative Heritage Times|date=2007-04-09] [cite web |url=|title=Unzism – the (new) doctrine of American Decline|work=VDARE]

elected articles

:* [ "Death of Manufacturing"] , By Patrick J. Buchanan, August 11, 2003.:* [ "Whose War?"] , by Patrick J. Buchanan, March 24, 2003.:* [ "Conservative Crack-Up"] by W. James Antle III, November 17, 2003.:* [ "The Paleo Persuasion"] , by Samuel Francis, December 12, 2002.:* [ "Big Brother Watches Britain"] , by Peter Hitchens, May 8, 2006.:* [ "End of the Rainbow"] , by Roger D. McGrath, December 19, 2005.:* [ "Among the Neocons"] , by Scott McConnell, April 11, 2003.:* [ "Americans First"] , by Steve Sailer, February 13, 2006.:* [ "America the Abstraction"] , by J. P. Zmirak, 'January 13, 2003.:* [ "The Islamic Way of War"] , by Andrew J. Bacevich, September 11, 2006.:* [ "In Defense of Freedom"] by Daniel McCarthy, March 14, 2005.:* [ "What is Left? What is Right? (Does it Matter?)"] , by various authors, August 28, 2006.

Notable contributors

*Uri Avnery
*James Bamford
*Doug Bandow
*Arnaud de Borchgrave
*James Bovard
*Peter Brimelow
*Neil Clark
*John Derbyshire
*Lou Dobbs
*Byron Dorgan
*Rod Dreher
*Robert Dreyfuss
*Marcus Epstein
*Philip Giraldi
*Paul Gottfried
*Charles Goyette
*Glenn Greenwald
*William Norman Grigg
*Leon Hadar
*Jeffrey Hart
*Samuel P. Huntington
*Carol Iannone
*Bill Kauffman
*James Howard Kunstler
*James Kurth
*John Laughland
*William S. Lind
*Albert Lindemann
*Robert Locke
*John Lukacs
*Eric Margolis
*Ilana Mercer
*Robert Novak
*Brendan O'Neill
*John O'Sullivan
*William Pfaff
*Kevin Phillips
*Tom Piatak
*James Pinkerton
*Fred Reed
*Paul Craig Roberts
*Lew Rockwell
*Claes G. Ryn
*Kirkpatrick Sale
*Paul W. Schroeder
*R. J. Stove
*George Szamuely
*Tom Tancredo
*Ralph de Toledano
*Martin van Creveld
*James Webb
*Philip Weiss
*Paul Weyrich
*Geoffrey Wheatcroft
*Thomas Woods
*Peregrine Worsthorne
*Elizabeth Wright


External links

* [ Tory Anarchist blog] by Daniel McCarthy, former literary editor of "The American Conservative".
* [ "Buchanan's Takeoff"] By Murray Polner, "Columbia Journalism Review", January/February 2003.
* [ "Paleocon's Revenge"] by Whitney Joiner. "Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management", 1 September 2002.

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