CAD (disambiguation)

CAD may refer to:

* Cad (character), a man who seduces a young woman, often to her social or financial ruin
* Abbreviation for Cadmium
* Cadoxton railway station, serving the village of Cadoxton near Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
* Canadian dollar, the currency of Canada
* Capital Adequacy Directive, a European directive that aims to establish uniform capital requirements for both banking firms and non-bank securities firms
* Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty, an industrial and alternative rock band that formed in the 1980s
* Civil Aviation Department (Hong Kong), a department in the Hong Kong Government
* Cold air damming, a meteorological phenomenon that involves a high pressure system
* Collisionally activated dissociation, a fragmentation method in mass spectrometry.
* Computer-aided diagnosis / Computer-assisted Detection (medical), an inter-discipline combining computer science and radiography to support the diagnostic process
* Computer-aided design, a wide range of computer-based tools that assist engineers, architects and other design professionals
* Computer-assisted dispatch, a method of dispatching taxicabs, couriers, field service technicians, or emergency services
* Coronary artery disease, AKA coronary heart disease
* "Ctrl+Alt+Del", a gaming-related webcomic and animated series
* Current account deficit, in the balance of payments
* Cylindrical algebraic decomposition
* Wexford County Airport, IATA airport code: CAD, in Cadillac, Michigan, United States

ee also

*Caddy, the person who carries a golfer's bag

CAD is also stands for context analysis diagram.

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