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Hypoxia literally means "a deficiency in oxygen." It can refer to:

* Hypoxia (medical), a shortage of oxygen in the body. "Hypoxaemia" is the reduction of oxygen specifically in the blood; "anoxia" is when there is no oxygen available at all.
** Environmental hypobaric hypoxia, a condition at high altitudes such as mountains where the reduced partial pressure of oxygen results in hypoxia.
** Ischemia, a restriction in blood supply (and therefore oxygen supply) to an organ or section of the body, generally due to constriction or blocking of blood vessels.
* Hypoxia (environmental) or oxygen depletion, a reduced concentration of dissolved oxygen in a water body leading to stress and death in aquatic organisms.
** Dead zone (ecology), or hypoxic zones, hypoxic areas in the world's oceans.
** Anoxic sea water, a condition of abnormally low levels of oxygen in the sea.
** Oxygen minimum zone, the depth in the sea at which the dissolved oxygen level is lowest, or most hypoxic.

In popular culture

* "Hypoxia" is a song on the album "" by Benn Jordan
* "Hypoxia" is a song on the album "Spheres 2" by Delerium

ee also

* Oxygen saturation, a relative measure of the oxygen dissolved or carried in a medium; a measure of the severity of hypoxic conditions.
* Oxygen toxicity (hyperoxia), the opposite condition of hypoxia, an excess of oxygen in body tissues.
* Time of Useful Consciousness, a measure of how quickly hypoxia renders a person incapable of normal thought.
* Respiratory acidosis, a decrease in physiological pH due to hypoventilation or decrease in gas exchange by alveoli

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