Tanning oil

Tanning oil

Tanning oil is used in two senses that have opposite meanings. It is important to make a distinction for health reasons. Some incorrectly use it to refer to sunscreen while others use it to refer to oils which have no sunscreen but are meant to intensify exposure to the sun and thus enhance a suntan.

There are many different brands of tanning oil, some of the most popular brandsin the United States are Banana Boat [ [http://www.bananaboat.com/ Banana Boat ] ] ,Hawaiian Tropic [ [http://www.playtexhawaiiantropic.com/ Hawaiian Tropic ® ] ] , AustralianGold [ [http://www.australiangold.com/ Australian Gold Tanning Products ] ] .

According to the FDA there is no such thing as a safe tan. It is a misconceptionthat having a tan will protect you from further skin damage. The minimum SPF(Sun Protectant Factor) is 15. Most tanning oils contain less or no SPF at all.In addition, tanning in general may lead to premature aging as well as otherhealth concerns such as skin cancer and eye damage. [ [http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/tanning/risks.html US FDA/CDRH: Tanning - Risks ] ]

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