Appa Ali Apsa


caption=Appa Ali Apsa. Cover to Green Lantern v3, #8
character_name=Appa Ali Apsa
real_name=Appa Ali Apsa
formerly Maltus
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Green Lantern" v2, #76 (April 1970)
creators=Dennis O'Neil
Neal Adams
previous_alliances=Guardians of the Universe
aliases=The Mad God, the Old-Timer, the Earthbound Guardian
powers=All the powers of the Power Ring, used with his superior willpower, intellect and knowledge. He is virtually immortal.|

Appa Ali Apsa is a fictional character from DC Comics. He first appeared in "Green Lantern" v2, #76 and was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams.

Fictional character biography

Appa Ali Apsa, a.k.a. "the Old-Timer" and/or "the Mad Guardian," is one of the immortal Guardians of the Universe, creators of the lawkeeping Green Lantern Corps. After Oliver Queen points out to the Guardians that they are too distanced from the mortals they have sworn to protect, the Guardians choose Appa Ali Apsa as their representative to experience life on Earth. Travelling across the U.S.A. with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Green Arrow Oliver Queen, Appa experiences many adventures and learns some valuable lessons about life. He later renounces his Guardian title and chooses to travel the universe. Shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Guardians withdraw from this universe to mate with the Zamarons, but Appa Ali Apsa chooses to remain alone on the planet Oa. However, the isolation causes him to slowly lose his mind. The former Green Lantern called Priest decides to help the Guardian, but is ultimately killed by the Old-Timer after refusing to give up his own mind to merge with Appa's.

Now completely insane, Appa Ali Apsa ends his solitude by transporting multiple cities from multiple planets to Oa, as his playthings and company, creating the "". All these are cities that Appa had visited during his many travels, including one from the USA. Earth's Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner intervene and oppose the mad Guardian. Finally, his brethren Guardians return from oblivion and defeat him. Appa Ali Apsa dies in the battle.

Powers and abilities

Appa Ali Apsa had all the powers of his fellow Guardians of the Universe. His body was a living receptacle of the energy found in the Green Lantern's Power Battery, and could be wielded by force of will power. Appa was virtually immortal due to the power. He had vast psionic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, and thought projection.

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