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img_coa = Termini Imerese-Stemma.png mapx=37.98
mapy=13.7| name=Termini Imerese
official_name = Comune di Termini Imerese
region = Sicily
province = Palermo (PA)
elevation_m = 77
area_total_km2 = 77.57
population_as_of = 2004
population_total = 26827
population_density_km2 =341
timezone = CET, UTC+1
coordinates = coord|37|59|14|N|13|41|46|E
frazioni =
telephone =
postalcode = 90018
gentilic = Termitani
saint = Blessed Agostino Novello
day = May 19
mayor = Enzo Giunta
website = [http://www.comune.termini-imerese.pa.it/ www.comune.termini-imerese.pa.it]

Termini Imerese (Greek: Thermae Himeraeae - polytonic|Θέρμαι; polytonic|Θερμαὶ αἱ Ἱμερᾶαι, Pol.; polytonic|Θερμαὶ Ἱμέραι, Ptol.; polytonic|Θερμὰ, polytonic|Θερμὰ Ἱμεραῖα, Diod.), Latin: Thermae Himerenses, literally Himera's hot springs), is a town in the province of Palermo on the northern coast of Sicily.



The site where the town now sits was populated since the prehistorical period, as many archeologial escavations have been uncovered through the years. Nevertheless, it might be stated that its recorded history started in 409 BCE when its more ancient neighbor, Himera (now completely within the comune's borders), was completely destroyed by the Carthaginian army under Hannibal Mago. Those who survived the devastation promptly recovered to the site then called Thermae due to the hot water springs which is today known as Termini; and the ancients considered Thermae as a successor to Himera. The new town of Thermae or Therma, called for the sake of distinction Thermae Himerenses, which thus took the place of Himera, obviously derived its name from the hot springs for which it was celebrated, and the first discovery of which was connected by legends with the wanderings of Hercules. (Diod. iv. 23, v. 3; Pind. "Ol." xii. 28.) It appears to have early become a considerable town, though it continued, with few and brief exceptions, to be subject to the Carthaginian rule. In the First Punic War its name is repeatedly mentioned. Thus, in 260 BCE, a body of Roman troops were encamped in the neighborhood, when they were attacked by Hamilcar, and defeated with heavy loss. (Pol. i. 24; Diod. xxiii. 9. Exc. H. p. 503.) Before the close of the war, Thermae itself was besieged and taken by the Romans. (Pol. i. 39; Diod. xxiii. 20. Exc. H. p. 506.) We have, however, no clue to the circumstances which led to the peculiar favor which this city seems to have received at the hands of its Roman conquerors. Cicero tells us that the Roman government restored to the Thermitani their city and territory, with the free use of their own laws, as a reward for their steady fidelity. ("quod semper in amicitia fideque mansissent", Cic. "Verr." ii: 37). As we see that they were on hostile terms with Rome during the First Punic War, it can only be to the subsequent period that these expressions apply; but the occasion to which they refer is unknown. In the time of Cicero, Thermae appears to have been a flourishing place, carrying on a considerable amount of trade, though the orator speaks, of it as "oppidum non maximum". ("Id." ii. 46, 75, iii. 42.) It seems to have received a colony in the time of Augustus, whence we find mention in inscriptions of the "Ordo et Populus splendidissimae Coloniae Augustae Himeraeorum Thermitanorum" (Castell. "Inscr. Sicil." p. 47; Gruter. "Inscr." p. 433, no. 6.): and there can be very little doubt that the Thermae "colonia" of Pliny in reality refers to this town, though he evidently understood it to be Thermae Selinuntiae (modern Sciacca), as he places it on the south coast between Agrigentum (modern Agrigento) and Selinus. (Plin. iii. 8. s. 14.) We. have little subsequent account of Thermae; but, as its name is found in Ptolemy and the Itineraries, it appears to have continued in existence throughout the period of the Roman Empire, and probably never ceased to be inhabited, as the modern town of Termini Imerese retains the ancient site as well as name. (Ptol. iii. 4. § 4; Itin. Ant. p. 92; Tab. Peut.)

The magnificence of the ancient city, and the taste of its citizens for the encouragement of art, are attested by Cicero, who calls it "in primis Siciliae clarum et ornatum"; and some evidence of it remained, even in the days of that orator, in the statues preserved by the Thermitani, to whom they had been restored by Scipio, after the conquest of Carthage; and which were valuable, not only as relics of the past, but from their high merit as works of art. (Cic. "Verr." ii. 3. 5)

Middle Ages and modern

Since 1970, Termini Imerese hosts a large Fiat automobile manufacturing facility, where Fiat's small cars such as the Fiat 126, the original Fiat Panda as well as the Fiat Punto have been manufactured. Since 2005, the plant is the sole assembly site for the Lancia Ypsilon, and in 2006 such a vehicle became the four-millionth one to be produced there. [http://www.samar.pl/__/__la/en/__ac/sec,4/new/9694/__Four-million-cars-manufactured-at-Fiat-Termini-Imerese-plant.html]

Main sights

Twin towns

*flagicon|USA Elk Grove Village, United States

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* [http://www.termini-imerese.org/DBSearch.html Selected Civil Records]



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