Olam Ha-Ze

Olam Ha-Ze ("Hebrew" "this world") also translitrated as Olam Hazzeh is a concept of the real world in Judaism and classical Jewish theology.

"Olam Haze" means the everyday world of that we live in. The world that has ups and downs, sickness and health, and a myriad of imperfections. The "Olam" appears with the Jewish sages of the Second Temple period, and they distinguish between two types of olam: Olam Haze (This World) versus Olam Haba ("world to come" or "coming world").

Jewish theology maintains that the world/olam which has formed a few thousands of years ago and which is the time between Adam's fall and the coming of Mashiach, then Olam Haze - this world - which is bound to pass, is to be replaced by Olam Haba - the coming world of the future.

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