Wake Up! Aria

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ja_kanji = WAKE UP! アリア ~魔女っ娘バージン危機一髪~
ja_romaji = Ueiku Appu! Aria ~Majokko Bājin Kiki Ippatsu~
genre = Erotic
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director = Komari Yukino
studio = flagicon|Japan K Production
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released = 1998

nihongo|"Wake Up! Aria"|WAKE UP! アリア ~魔女っ娘バージン危機一髪~|Ueiku Appu! Aria ~Majokko Bājin Kiki Ippatsu~ is a Japanese erotic comedy anime created by Media Station CO.,LTD in 1998 where a girl named "Aria" goes to a music school on a mysterious island called Golden Breast as a new student. Little does she know is the heads of the school, Mr. Karma and Ms. Shinbi, are aliens that steal energy from the other female students by having intercourse with them. As a result, the girls lose their talent. That is, until Aria gets on the job to stop the aliens. An English subtitle version was made by Kitty Media.

Plot Summary

The movies begins with a girl named Aria riding in a speedboat with the school principal of Royal Elegange Music School, Mr. Karma, to the Golden Breast Island. While on the boat, Mr. Karma daydreams about Aria being restrained by her arms and legs on a piano and him assaulting her. Later, Aria sees a boy she knows named, Isogu, flying by on a kite trying to get her attention. Aria is annoyed by this but is relieved when the wind blows Isogu away.

Moments later Mr. Karma and Aria reach the school where Aria meets the other female students (Karen, Yan, Luna, and Monica), Mr. Karma's sister, Ms. Shinbi, and a guitarist named Binan Izumo who is also a student in spite of the fact he is male and a jerk.

Aria befriends Yan, and later you find the two friends talking in their dormitory. Their discuss their personal backgrounds as well as family and martial arts. Later, Isogu flies by the dorm window annoying Aria again so the clutches her hands not realizing she is releasing a power wind by touching her ring that blows Isogu away with a mighty wind.

During class Binan gets full of himself when he thinks that his pretty face is making the other students mess up on their piano keys.Mr. Karma and Ms. Shinbi quickly tells him off but, Binan is not bothered by it. Then, Mr. Karma comes over to Ms. Shinbi and whispers something in her ear. Ms. Shinbi nods in agreement and comes over to Karen's piano and tells her to come up to the principal's office at 8PM for a private lesson with Mr. Karma. Karen was overjoyed to receive a lesson from her teacher.

Next, we see Isogu snooping around the school spying on Aira. As Aria walks the school Binan reaches behind Aria but, Yan catches his arm with a firm grip. Aria turns around and Binan tells her that she had his book Aria gives it back to him and Binan pleads with Yan to let his arm go but she yells at him. Isogu is later caught by Ms. Shinbi and is brought to Aria. Ms. Shinbi ask Aria if she knew the boy, Aria said no and while Isogu is struggling to get free he makes a surprising discovery when he grabs the bottom part of Ms. Shinbi's dress. He feels something that a woman never has, a "man's" tool. Because of this, Isogu is locked a dark room but, he finds out he is not alone.

Later, we see Karen in the principal office with Mr. Karma. During the lesson Mr. Karma pulls out a fork-like yoke that looks like a two headed dildo. He tells Karen to close her eyes, thumps the yoke, and tells her to listen to the sound it makes. Karen was hypnotized and become aroused by the sound of the yoke and to her the room becomes a psychedelic void. She pulls her clothes off and got down on all fours. Karma then shows his true alien form and is about to assault Karen with his tentacles when Ms. Shinbi comes in to tell Karma to let her take Karen first. Shinbi takes off her clothes and began to assault the girl. Then, Karma decides to play with Karen's mouth.

After that night, Karen wasn't the same because she began to make mistakes in class. Aria and Yan began to notice this problem and discussed over it outside. As Aria and Yan were talking they saw Mr. Karma telling Luna and Monica to come up for a private lesson. Aria and Yan knew by seeing that the they would be next to have a private lesson the next night and that it would be wonderful. They were wrong because later that night both Luna and Monica were assaulted by the two aliens just like Karen.

The result was also the same, more mistakes in class. Now it was Aria's and Yan's for their private lesson. As they walked down the hall to the principal's room they were met by Mr. Karma with Ms. Shinbi tagging behind. They revealed their true selves to Aria and Yan and told them they were messengers of pleasure. The screen flips back to Isogu who is trying to get out of the dark room with two others who were the real Mr. Karma and Ms. Shinbi.

As the screen flips back to Aria and Yan, they both being assaulted by aliens until the real Mr. Karma and Ms. Shinbi, who broke out of the dark room with Isogu, broke in the principal's room along with everyone else and confronted the aliens. However one of the aliens pulls their spirit yoke, thumps it and causes Ms. Shinbi, Binan, and Mr. Karma to faint while Luna, Monica, and Karen are all hypnotized. Because of this the aliens decide to take the other three girls and assault them altogether. All 5 girls were being assaulted in mid-air until Isogu crashes in on the floor knocking himself out but, when his hand hits the guitar he was carrying it gave out a sound that was painful to the aliens. Aria took this opportunity to grab Isogu's guitar to attack the aliens with.

In the battle, Aria cuts off a piece of the alien's tentacles and it crawls away. Out of retaliation, the one of the aliens grab Aria by the throat. It looked like it was all over for Aria until she saw the full moon outside then a power she had never felt before came out through her hair. With this power she freed the other girls and she gave all of them the power to fight the aliens. So altogether they killed the two aliens and the day was saved or so it was because before the movie ends we see a piece of what was left of the aliens go up the real Ms. Shinbi dress to go inside her and as soon as this happens his attitude changes with her sinisterly laughing. so you have to ask yourself, is the nightmare really over...or is it just the beginning?!

Differences between the Media Station and Kitty Media versions

There were a lot of sex scenes in "Wake Up! Aria" that were changed for content by Kitty Media for the U.S. version. as a result the movie turned out pretty lousy. However, thanks to some movie clips at one of those porn movie sites you can see what Media Station had intended to be you see, but with mosaic on them.

"What you did not see"

Sex Scene 1'Kitty'--They use the same shot still as you see Mr. Karma's head go between Aria's legs and they just used closeups of his face.'Media Station'--You were supposed to see Karma's head go through a series of stills as it goes down and Karma's long tool as the screen went back.

Sex Scene 2'Kitty'--They did a sloppy drawing of Karen's butt and vagina, replaced what was supposed to be view of the alien's tentacle going in Karen with a close up of Shinbi, and they show Shinbi naked in the closeup but show her with all her clothes on in another shot.'Media Station'--You are supposed to see two closeups of Karen's butt before Karma tries to assault her, better artwork, and Shinbi tentacles assaulting Karen with her clothes off.

Sex Scene 3'Kitty'--They showed Luna naked with the same stills being replayed and reversed to make it look like her body was rocking back and forth, you see another closeup of Karma ugly face, and both aliens in their true forms.'Media Station'--You were supposed to see a scrolling closeup of Luna being put in the "cowgirl" position with Karma on his back holding her feet while Shinbi was performing cunnilingus on Monica, a sky shot of the aliens getting it on with the girls, a right side shot, and closeup of Shinbi on Monica.

Sex Scene 4'Kitty'--They showed almost everything they were supposed to show except for two things 'Media Station'--you were supposed see Aria's and Yan's panties ripped off and you were supposed to see the alien's tentacle go in Aria. Also a last thing, when you saw the real heads of the school break in to the principal's room you saw Shinbi with her hand in Yan. You were supposed to see an impression on Yan's body to make the hand look like it was really in there.

Sex Scene 5'Kitty'--Just showed two closeups of all the girls and two tentacles in Aria's mouth.'Media Station'--You were supposed to see a shot of all the being hosted up in the air by tentacles that are in them and a shot of a tentacle coming out of Aria and into her mouth.

External links

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