Glossary of terms in Ayurveda

Glossary of terms in Ayurveda

This is a glossary of terms and concepts used in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science of India, based on tradition. It is closely associated with the Atharvaveda, and mythical sage (rishi) Dhanvantari is believed to be the first practitioner of ayurveda. It is a traditional system of medicine, based on observation and experience, and it expounds that all the ailments originate on account of imbalances of wind, bile and phlegm in the human bodies. The treatment involves mainly use of water, minerals, herbs and several other natural substances with or without processing.

A partial list of various terms and phrases used in Ayurveda is presented below.



;:Abhyanga: A unique way of anointing the body and perform strokes in a regular fashion.

;:Agada Tantra: the study of toxicology

;:Agni: literal meaning fire – in the sense of a term of Ayurveda, agni governs and controls digestion and metabolism

;:Ahara Shakti: appetite and the capacity to digest

;:Akash: sky or ether

;:Ama: The undigested foodmass in the body

;:Apana: Air moving downward in the body

;:Arishta: A medicated wine prepared with a blend of herbal decoctions

;:Asava: A medicated wine prepared with a blend of herbal infusions

;:Asthi: Bone

;:Avaleha: Semisolid Ayurvedic preparations meant for oral consumption


;:Bal Chikitsa: pediatrics

;:Basti: a type of enemas using herbs – an essential step in the cleansing stage in the therapy known as pancha—karma therapy

;:Bheda: last stage of any ailment or disease – at this stage the ailment or the disease would have become chronic

;:Bhrajaka: to spread or to diffuse


:;Chapati: a type of bread made of wheat flour and cooked on griddle – used in several parts of India.

:;Charaka: an Ayurvedic physician of great antiquity

:;Charaka Samhita: an ancient treatise on Ayurveda written by Charaka

:;Chatai: a mat made of common straw


;:Dharma: religion and religious duty




;:Ghee: clarified butter

;:Graha Chikitsa: Ayurvedic psychiatry




:;Jal: water


Kayachikitsa - Ayurvedic Internal Medicine









Ushana - Hot







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