Nikki Newman

Nikki Reed Newman
Nikki 01.png
Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman (2008)
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Erica Hope
Melody Thomas Scott
Duration 1978–1996, 1997–2008, 2009–2011, 2011–present
First appearance May 1978
Created by William J. Bell
Nickname(s) Nikki
Gender Female
Residence Currently staying in London, England

Nicole "Nikki" Reed (formerly Foster, Bancroft, DiSalvo, Newman, Abbott, Landers, and Chow) is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She has been played by actress Melody Thomas Scott since 1979. Much of Nikki's history revolves around her many marriages to business tycoon Victor Newman, a good friend to ex-husband Jack Abbott, longtime friend to Katherine Chancellor, and longtime enemy of Jill Fenmore and the late Diane Jenkins.

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Nikki is scheduled to return on November 23, 2011, her first appearance since June 3, 2011.


Character history

Early romances, marriage to Victor Newman, and rivalry with Ashley Abbott

Nikki was introduced in 1978, in an early story line that had her almost sexually abused by her father. Nikki killed her own father while he attempted to rape her while drunk. When on trial for the murder, Jill Foster hired Joseph Thomas to frightened Nikki and her sister Casey Reed, since he looked very similar to her father Nick Reed. Eventually Joseph left town. Nikki also was dating Paul Williams a short time later, and Paul ended up giving Nikki a venereal disease. Nevertheless, Nikki and Paul have remained close friends through the years. When Nikki got healthy again, she began to romance Greg Foster, who worked alongside Nikki's sister Casey and Dr. Snapper Foster. However, her romance with Greg threatened her friendship with Paul. When Nikki and Greg were about to marry, Paul tried to stop her, but was unsuccessful. Paul ended up turning his attention to April Stevens.

Eventually, Nikki signed up at a modeling agency heading by Rose Deville, which actually was a prostitution ring. One of the men Nikki was with ended up having a heart attack when Nikki resisted. She then called Rose in a panic and Rose arranged for someone to dump the body in an alley. However, a man named Tony came across the body and the Genoa City Police charged him for the man's murder. Greg was named Tony's lawyer. Nikki ended up being threatened not to testify in the case or Greg would be killed. She decided to leave town and a hit man tried to shot Greg, instead shooting his mother Liz Foster. Liz recovered, Nikki returned, and Rose Deville was arrested only to return to a few years later operating a black-market baby ring which stole Nina Webster's baby. The drama ended up destroying Nikki and Greg's marriage, as he began to pursue April Stevens. However, Greg lost interest when he learned that April's daughter, Heather Stevens, was Paul's. Greg hoped that Paul would try to help April with parenting, but to escape the pressure, Paul ran away to the New World Commune with Nikki. The commune ended up being a scam put together by Paul's brother, Steven Williams and Peggy Brooks. Regardless, Nikki and Greg divorced, Paul and April joined together in a short and very unstable marriage, Greg left town, and Nikki ended up becoming a stripper.

The now stripper Nikki Reed, began a romance with Kevin Bancroft (Christopher Holder) which troubled his mother Allison Bancroft (Lynn Wood). Allison bought a copy of a pornographic film titled Hot Hips, purportedly starring Nikki, in a bid to end Nikki's relationship with son Kevin. The film was distributed by criminal Tony Di Salvo. Nikki married Tony, hoping to get the video back, but she was eventually able to prove that she did not perform the sex scenes featured in the film; they were enacted by a different woman and were intercut with video footage of Nikki stripping. Not only that, but Nikki's friend and former lover, Paul Williams, investigated Tony and killed him.

During the relationship with Kevin, Nikki had a fling with Victor Newman. When Nikki became pregnant, there was some doubt to the paternity of the child. It was ultimately learned that Victor was the father. The relationship with Kevin ended and she took up with Rick Daros (Randy Holland) during her pregnancy. However, Nikki didn't know that Rick had killed his first wife and planned on doing the same with Nikki. He tried a couple times to kill Nikki, but each time Paul Williams, Andy Richards, and Victor Newman were able to save her. Nikki eventually gave birth to Victor's child, a daughter named Victoria Nicole Newman.

Once, Lorie Brooks left Victor at the altar, he focused his attention on Nikki. However, Victor's former romance Eve Howard came back into town to make sure he was provided for their son Cole Howard. Eve and her new lover Max schemed to steal away Victor's money by poisoning him. Victor survived the poisoning and later was able to trap Eve and kick her out, leaving him alone with Nikki. Victor proposed and got married in 1984. However, right before the ceremony, Eve escaped from her sanitarium and tried to stab Nikki. A year later, Eve escaped again and was dating Rick Daros now, the man who tried to kill Nikki. However, Rick had amnesia and had forgotten that he had tried to kill Nikki. While, Nikki and Victor were vacationing, Eve and Rick stole money away from Victor and escaped to Europe.

Victor and Nikki's marriage seemed to be very genuine. In fact, Nikki arranged for Victor to meet with his mother for the first time since he was a little boy. However, that reconciliation was brief and his mother, Cora Miller, died soon after. Soon after Victor began his affair with Jack Abbott's sister, Ashley Abbott. It began as, Ashley learned the truth about her parentage; being Dina Mergeron and Brent Davis's, daughter, not John Abbott's. This caused her to be extremely traumatized and ended up at a diner in the middle of nowhere with no memory. Victor came looking for her and eventually found her. When he brought her back to Genoa City, they began their affair.

Nikki tried to fight off Ashley, and even had an affair with Jack just to spite Victor. Nikki even arranged for Victor's brother, Matt Miller, to seduce Ashley, but it proved too little too late; Victor wanted to be with Ashley. However, once Nikki got cancer, Victor returned to Nikki and Ashley aborted the child she conceived with Victor which causes her to have a nervous breakdown. Eventually, Nikki went into remission, allowing Victor to return to Ashley, but by now she had moved on with her psychiatrist, Steven Lassiter. Luckily, for Victor, Steven was later shot by one of his patients.

Victor and Jack Abbott hired Leanna “Love” Randolph to write a biography on Victor himself. Jack intends to have his version of the book be a tell-all entitled Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story. Unknowingly to Jack, Leanna adds a chapter that exploits the affair between Victor and Ashley. By this time, Victor and Nikki's marriage was falling apart, and he believed she was behind the publication. Victor divorces her and marries Leanna, but later gets a divorce after the revelation. He proceeds to avenge his degradation by gaining reigns over Jack’s family company, Jabot Cosmetics, which Jack had recently convinced his father to make a public company. With Victor now in control, he fired Jack and replaced him with Brad Carlton. In response, Jack spitefully marries Nikki.

Marriage to Jack Abbott and Joshua Landers and romances with Victor again

Despite Jack Abbott's original reasons for marrying Nikki, they became very close and to this day are very good friends. Early in Jack and Nikki's marriage there were problems. Nikki quickly developed serious painkiller and alcohol problems. In addition, Nikki gave birth to a stillborn, John Abbott III, following an argument with Victor. Both Jack and Nikki blamed Victor for the death. However, Victor offers Jack a chance to regain control of Jabot. If he leaves Nikki, then he can get Jabot back. Jack follows through, but doesn't regain complete control because of a minor legal loophole. As for Nikki, Victor finally is able to deal with her alcohol problems head on and they were able to reconnect. By 1994, Jack and Nikki Abbott had divorced, yet they remain very close friends.

In 1993, Victor's former romance Eve Howard returned to town hoping that he would build a relationship with his son Cole Howard. Victor "died", but really went on a trip to Kansas where he eventually met Hope Adams. Back in Genoa City, Cole, who didn't know that Victor was his father, began romancing Nikki and Victoria. Once he wrote a letter to Eve that he was marrying Victoria, she came rushing back as did Victor to tell Cole that he was his father. Eventually, the truth came out that his real father was Rick Daros, the man who tried to kill Nikki nearly a decade earlier. Victoria and Cole were married for only married for few years.

After Victor's marriage with Hope Newman ended, he hoped to rekindle things with Nikki, but she had married Dr. Joshua Landers (Heath Kizzier). Victor tried to stop the marriage, but ended up rebounding into the arms of Jack's lover Diane Jenkins (then played by Alex Donnelley), who at the time was engaged to Jack. Diane broke things off with Jack, and she and Victor married soon after. Tragedy struck when Joshua was shot dead by his jealous ex-wife, Veronica (Candice Daly), who had disguised herself and had been posing as Nikki and Joshua's maid, Sarah Lindsey. Hours later, Veronica shot and severely wounded Nikki, leading to Victor to divorce Diane and remarry Nikki on her deathbed. Victor promised Diane that he would remarry her after Nikki died. When Nikki miraculously recovered, her family was ecstatic, but Diane was (rightly) concerned about where she stood with Victor. Victor soon broke it off with Diane and he began romancing Nikki again. Yet, Victor and Diane were still legally married, and a long and complicated divorce battle continued through 2000. By that time, however, Nikki and Victor had gone their separate ways. Nikki had been briefly engaged to Brad Carlton.

By 2002, Victor and Nikki reunited and got engaged. However, Victor's old fianceè Lorie Brooks returned to town as her soon to be ex-husband Max Hollister was threatening to take over Julia Newman Martin's design firm. Victor came to Julia's aid and was able to force Max to sell Julia's company to him. Victor promised Julia, that her company could work within Newman Enterprises and she could remain in charge. Max, however, wanted revenge. He ended up contacting Leanna Love and appeared on her TV show suggesting that Victor was seeing his ex-wives again. This made Nikki suddenly rethink their plans to remarry.

When Lorie wanted Max to sign the divorce papers, he forced her hand in a new scheme against Victor. He planned on having Lorie seduce Victor at a hotel room, while Nikki was in the hotel for a lunch. Victor and Lorie's room would be videotaped and seen by Nikki. As Victor and Lorie talked, Lorie decided she couldn't hurt Victor and therefore she never turned on the camera. Max ended up getting annoyed and dragged Nikki into the hotel room just as Victor and Lorie were hugging. Both Victor and Nikki figured it was a set up and he began to fight with Lorie. Once Victor left, Lorie and Max fought and she felt awful for hurting Victor. They both left as Victor and Nikki remarried in September 2002.

Remarriage to Victor, rivalry with Diane, business gains, and later romances

Nikki has interests in having a third child but Victor ultimately refuses and decides to get a vasectomy, storing sperm in a sperm bank for future probability. Still affectionate towards Victor, Diane Jenkins stole the sperm intending to impregnate herself with his child. After a round of thefts by Ashley Abbott and Nikki, in a twist of fate, Diane ends up pregnant for Jack Abbott through his sperm bank donation. Similarly, Ashley ends up getting a hold of Victor's sperm and impregnates herself. However, once Abby is born, she goes on five years thinking that Brad Carlton is her father. When Ashley had her cancer, she decided to reveal the trust. However, Ashley recovered and Nikki was intent on keeping things about Abby a secret. However, the truth eventually came out.

Since then, Nikki was kidnapped resulting in post traumatic stress disorder and was been shot by a carjacker. However, after the death of their granddaughter, Cassie (Camryn Grimes), in 2005, Victor and Nikki became determined to stay strong for their family and this made their relationship stronger than ever. During this time, Nikki transitioned from wealthy socialite to being a prominent part of Genoa City's business community, despite the fact she bought her way in with Victor's considerable fortune. With Jabot in dire straits, Nikki gave them $35 million dollars to help get the company out of debt. She was given a seat on the board of directors and some share in the company. This immediately caused trouble with Victoria, Victor, and Jill Foster Abbott. She later sold her share and gave up her seat on the board for money to start her own company, NVP Retreats.

In 2007, Nikki ran against her ex-husband Jack in the race for Wisconsin state senate, but after a few mistakes and being caught on tape kissing her campaign manager, David Chow, she lost the election to Jack. However, Victor was also very angry with Nikki. Soon after the election, Nikki, fed up with Victor's constant disapproval of her decisions, announced that she was leaving him. This led to a long and contentious divorce fueled in part by the involvement of David Chow (Vincent Irizarry) in Nikki's life. In 2008, Nikki and Victor's latest divorce was complete and Nikki lost ownership of NVP Retreats. The divorce was acrimonious and Nikki walked away with a $100 million dollar divorce settlement from Victor.

Soon after, she was also made CEO of Jabot Cosmetics when Katherine Chancellor stepped down as CEO of Chancellor Industries and made her daughter Jill Foster Abbott CEO. However, this once again caused some tension between Nikki and Jill. Nikki ended up stepping down as CEO of Jabot following hearing that David had killed Ji Min Kim, Jill's current lover. Regardless, Nikki married David Chow in June 2008 in a small ceremony in Mexico. After they were married, David told Nikki that he had an addiction to gambling and that he owed Walter over $250,000. Only a month later, David asked Nikki for a divorce because he gambled away all of his money and he did not want to gamble away all of hers, but then he asked for a second chance. Nikki bought them a multi-million dollar estate. N

Meanwhile, Paul Williams investigated David and found that David was not even his real name. Nikki was going to ask David for a divorce again when she found out that David was going to drug her. The marriage was dissolved with the death of David in a car crash. Also killed in the crash was Victor's wife Sabrina Newman. Hurt by the actions of her husband, Nikki offered Victor her support in getting through his tragedy, but he refused and left to Mexico to mourn Sabrina. Nikki ended up following him to Mexico. There, she insinuated that Victor killed the man responsible for the death of Sabrina. Victor denied these allegations and stated that he would never have romantic feelings for Nikki again and that he wished she died, instead of Sabrina. Frustrated with Victor, Nikki returned to Genoa City, only to find Victor back as well where they continued to argue.

Later, Nicholas Newman found Victor lying on the floor of Sabrina's art gallery. Rushing to the hospital to see Victor, Nikki got the same rejects he had been throwing at her. Nikki, Nick, and Victoria agreed to have Victor committed. When the doctor came to get Victor, he was nowhere to be found. He had left the hospital and town again. Nikki, still determined to find Victor, enlisted the help of Ashley Abbott. Nikki was determined to win Victor back to Genoa City. However, she ended up getting into a relationship with her early love, private investigator and long time friend Paul Williams (character), while Victor and Ashley reconnected. By May 2009, Nikki accepted Paul's marriage proposal, but the night before their wedding, she told Paul she could not marry him. She even said that she may not even return to Genoa City again. Before she left, she visited Victor and explained that he was the only man she ever truly loved. While leaving the ranch to go meet her taxi, Nikki was hit by a car driven by the mentally unstable and delirious Ashley Newman, who had mistaken her for her husband's ex-wife, the deceased, Sabrina Newman.

A return to alcohol, family issues, and rocky romances with Victor

Nikki returned to Genoa City while using her maiden name of Reed by late September. Several weeks earlier, she appeared at a spa in Colorado where she had sent a letter, but the letter was intercepted by Victor's son Adam Newman before it could be read by anyone. After Victor was shot by Patty Williams and given a heart transplant by Colleen Carlton, he left with Nikki for a rehabilitation center in Europe. Both, Nikki and Victor returned to Genoa City together, as Victor divorced Ashley Newman. However, Victor was soon dealing with a major lawsuit that was started by Abby Newman and would later join Victoria Newman once she married Billy Abbott.

Back home, Victor and Nikki get engaged, but Meggie McClaine is also living there, as Victor thought to protect her. Nikki had Meggie become her personal assistant, but Meggie actually hoped to get Nikki drinking again therefore opening up the way for her to marry Victor. Once she would marry him, she would kill him and get his money, just like she did with Patrick Murphy's son. Meggie recruited Deacon Sharpe to help spike Nikki's drinks and they eventually set Nikki up to look like she was having an affair with Deacon. Once Victor caught them, he sent Nikki to rehab, where Deacon continued to scheme with Meggie. Once in rehab, he tried to actually help Nikki, and their relationship turned romantic especially when Meggie is able to elope with Victor. Meggie posts their wedding photo on a social networking site which Nikki observes on her phone, and gives into romance with Deacon. After apparently many spiked drinks, Victor appeared to suffer a heart attack, but stunningly unveils his sobriety and caught Meggie in a sting operation set up by him, Murphy, and the cops though Nikki does not know. Once Victor left to explain things to Nikki, he caught her in bed with Deacon. Victor resented Nikki’s actions which was to spite his marriage with Meggie she thought was genuine.

Once out of rehab, Nikki and Deacon occasionally run into each other, but Nikki doesn't want to be involved with him. Nikki began packing her things from the Ranch as Victor ordered her to do so. However, he ended up leaving town for business, and Nikki and Deacon gave into temptation. Katherine caught them when he was leaving. Despite her objections, she gave Nikki her support. Nikki ended up trying to keep away from Deacon, but they continued to have occasionally romances.

Nikki also tried to pressure Victor into resolving his differences with Victoria, Abby, and later Nick after learning about Victor's role in Skye Newman, who were suing him. However, Victor doesn't seem interested in Nikki's advice anymore. Nikki ended up turning to Deacon, and by Valentine's Day they come public with their relationship as do Victor and Diane Jenkins. Soon after Meggie McClaine returned, but in jail and began visiting Deacon so that he could bust her out or she would reveal the truth to Nikki. Nikki, ended up making love with Victor after he lost the lawsuit. Diane caught them, but they didn't know. The next day, Victor and Nikki tried to convince themselves that nothing has changed, but it seemed difficult. After Nikki left, Victor and Diane elope together, as Nikki eventually went to the jail where Meggie explained the truth about Deacon. Deacon tries to calm Nikki down offering that his feelings for her are sincere, but Nikki stormed out. Nikki ended up returning to what was their new room room at the Athletic Club, packing up all of his things, and began drinking again after months of sobriety. Although Deacon tried to explain everything to Nikki, she refused to listen. Katherine wanted to comfort Nikki, but so did alcohol. At one point, Deacon saw Nikki's room with empty alcohol bottles and immediately told Nick and Victoria. Nikki, however, continued to deny drinking and continued to keep drinking in private.

Later, Nikki and Victor are brought back together as they prepared for the "funeral" of Sharon Newman. In reality, Sharon was carjacked, and the carjackers died, not Sharon. Now, Nikki and Victor were there to support Nick Doris Collins. Nikki and Victor were also there to support Victoria after the truth about her adoption of Lucy Abbott came out. Afterwards, Phyllis Newman began fighting to get Lucy, but Victor was able to keep Michael Baldwin from representing her. This move spurred Nikki's attraction to Victor and they had an affair. Diane Newman caught them, but they didn't know, Regardless, Diane didn't want to leave Victor, despite her recent affair with Jack Abbott. However, Nikki regretted having the affair, but Victor ended up drawing up annulment papers. Yet, after running into Deacon Sharpe at an AA meeting, he was intent on apologizing to Nikki as a part of the program. Nikki, at first wanted nothing to do with Deacon, but gave in and ends up having dinner with him. Victor caught them and regretted his move toward annulment and a new future with Nikki.

Regardless, Diane believed her marriage was over, and got caught up in a scheme by Abby Newman to prove that Tucker McCall was cheating on Ashley with Diane. As a result of the scheme, a drunk Abby crashed into Tucker, but Ashley switched places with Abby before the police came. Everyone except for Tucker recovered, who was in a coma, and since then Ashley had been arrested for attempted murder after Diane implicated her and Abby has slowly remembered everything and began feeling guilty. At an AA meeting, Abby confided to Nikki the events leading up to the accident. Nikki ended up inferring that Abby was driving the car, not Ashley. Nikki rushed to see Victor and she explain her theory. However, Victor angrily threw her out, only to confront Abby about it later as Nikki ended up drinking again. Nikki's drinking continued as she later yelled at Deacon Sharpe at an AA meeting (on her birthday: June 1) for making her drink again in the first place. Nikki also attacked the AA program and claimed that it is meaningless. Afterwards, Deacon confronted Victor about Nikki. Deacon explained that Nikki was spiraling out of control, and that she needed him. Victor ended up searching for Nikki and found her alone and disheveled in a park. A comforting Victor sent Nikki back to rehab.

Once in rehab, however, trouble began to brew with Diane Jenkins back in Genoa City. Diane filed a lawsuit against Nikki claiming that she destroyed her marriage to Victor. After Victor was arrested for domestic abuse of Diane, in which he in reality did nothing wrong, Diane leaked the picture of Nikki and Victor having sex to the press. Afterwards, Nikki ended up going missing.

Unknown future

Actress Melody Thomas Scott announced on Twitter that her tenure as Nikki ended on June 3, 2011, and that her negotiations with Y&R producers have failed. [1] Y&R head writer and executive producer Maria Arena Bell said that Scott is "one of the hearts and souls" of the show and that she will return "sometime in the future".[2] The actress, however, still claims she was let go permanently. [3] .

However, it has been announced that Scott has signed a new contract with Y&R. According to CBS Soaps magazine, Scott is scheduled to return as Nikki on November 23rd, 2011, reuniting with her family around Thanksgiving time. On October 25 2011 Nikki's leg and bags were shown boarding a plane to London.

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