The Triplets

The Triplets ( _ca. Les Tres Bessones) are three fictional characters (Anna, Teresa and Elena) created by Catalan children's literature illustrator Roser Capdevila.

The Triplets were created in 1983, based on Capdevila's own daughters, three actual triplets born in 1969. The stories were immediately successful and began publishing in many countries. In 1985 a new character, the "Bored Witch" ("La Bruixa Avorrida") was added to the plots to form a collection of classical stories, "The Triplets and (...)"

In 1994, television producers Cromosoma and Televisió de Catalunya adapted the stories to make a cartoon series based on the books. The series became very successful and profitable and led to the production of a second series with the Bored Witch as main character, together with France 3, Canal J and Storimages.

By 2004, The Triplets series consisted of 104 episodes, while The Bored Witch reached 52. They've been translated to 35 different languages and have been shown in 158 countries or territories.


The plots of The Triplets follow a definite pattern. The sisters play some prank or manage to annoy the Bored Witch, and, to punish them, she sends them into a classical tale, legend, or children's literary work. The main structure of the classic remains, but some twists (often hilarious anachronisms) are introduced to favour each plot and define the sisters' personalities.


The Triplets find themselves involved in a different classic story each chapter.

*Chapter 1: Hop o' My Thumb
*Chapter 2: Snow White
*Chapter 3: Cinderella
*Chapter 4: Ali Baba
*Chapter 5: John the Fearless
*Chapter 6: The Steadfast Tin Soldier
*Chapter 7: The Princess and the Pea
*Chapter 8: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
*Chapter 9: Bluebeard
*Chapter 10: Hansel and Gretel
*Chapter 11: Three Little Pigs
*Chapter 12: Emperor's New Clothes
*Chapter 13: Little Red Riding Hood
*Chapter 14: The Ugly Duckling
*Chapter 15: Aladdin
*Chapter 16: The Seven Samurai
*Chapter 17: Town Musicians of Bremen
*Chapter 18: The Red Dragon
*Chapter 19: Sleeping Beauty
*Chapter 20: Puss in Boots
*Chapter 21: Don Quixote
*Chapter 22: Pinocchio
*Chapter 23: Saint George
*Chapter 24: The Thief of Baghdad
*Chapter 25: Jack and the Beanstalk
*Chapter 26: Knights of the Round Table
*Chapter 27: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
*Chapter 28: The Treasure Island
*Chapter 29: Sandokan
*Chapter 30: Oliver Twist
*Chapter 31: Helen of Troy
*Chapter 32: Robinson Crusoe
*Chapter 33: Robin Hood
*Chapter 34: Atlantis
*Chapter 35: The Jungle Book
*Chapter 36: Journey to the Center of the Earth
*Chapter 37: Merlin
*Chapter 38: Buffalo Bill
*Chapter 39: Ulysses
*Chapter 40: Romeo and Juliet
*Chapter 41: King Kong
*Chapter 42: Tarzan
*Chapter 43: Leonardo da Vinci
*Chapter 44: The Three Musketeers
*Chapter 45: Cleopatra
*Chapter 46: Christopher Columbus
*Chapter 47: Cro-Magnon man
*Chapter 48: The Seven Little Goats
*Chapter 49: King Solomon's Mines
*Chapter 50: The Mayapan man
*Chapter 51: Marco Polo
*Chapter 52: Frankenstein
*Chapter 53: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
*Chapter 54: Kim of India
*Chapter 55: Amadeus
*Chapter 56: Santa Claus
*Chapter 57: In the Circus
*Chapter 58: In the Space
*Chapter 59: White Fang
*Chapter 60: Tom Sawyer
*Chapter 61: The Glass Balalaika
*Chapter 62: Phantom of the Opera
*Chapter 63: Around the World in Eighty Days
*Chapter 64: Moby-Dick
*Chapter 65: In Africa
*Chapter 66: The Magic Flute
*Chapter 67: The Vain Little Mouse
*Chapter 68: Patufet
*Chapter 69: The Drummer from Bruc
*Chapter 70: Gaudi's Workshop
*Chapter 71: La Pedrera's Ghosts
*Chapter 72: Sherlock Holmes
*Chapter 73: The Ant and the Grasshopper
*Chapter 74: The Milkmaid and her Pail
*Chapter 75: Cyrano de Bergerac
*Chapter 76: The World of Films
*Chapter 77: Geronimo
*Chapter 78: On the Everest
*Chapter 79: Vincent Van Gogh
*Chapter 80: Gutenberg
*Chapter 81: The Magic Bagpipes
*Chapter 82: Xuroi Cave
*Chapter 83: Watt and the Steam Machine
*Chapter 84: Thor
*Chapter 85: Velázquez
*Chapter 86: Brave Little Tailor
*Chapter 87: Beauty and the Beast
*Chapter 88: William Tell
*Chapter 89: Captains Courageous
*Chapter 90: Zeila the Gazelle
*Chapter 91: The Little Mermaid
*Chapter 92: The Romanial Flower
*Chapter 93: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
*Chapter 94: The Prince and the Pauper
*Chapter 95: Tristan and Isolde
*Chapter 96: The Snow Queen
*Chapter 97: Agatha Christie
*Chapter 98: The Happy Prince
*Chapter 99: Tutankhamon
*Chapter 100: The Time Machine
*Chapter 101: Pirates
*Chapter 102: Holet the Goblin
*Chapter 103: The Invisible Man
*Chapter 104: The Birthday Party

The Triplets around the world

The series has been translated to the following languages to date:

# In Arabic
# In Aranese
# In Basque - Hirukiak.
# In Catalan (not translated, original language) - Les Tres Bessones.
# In Chinese - 淘氣三胞胎
# In Czech
# In Dutch - De Drieling.
# In English - The Triplets.
# In French - Les Trois Petites Soeurs.
# In Gaelic
# In Galician
# In German
# In Greek
# In Hebrew - השלישיה(HaShlishiya)
# In Hindi
# In Hungarian
# In Icelandic
# In Italian
# In Japanese
# In Korean
# In Kurdish
# In Malay
# In Mandarin
# In Norwegian
# In Occitan
# In Persian
# In Polish
# In Portuguese - As Três Irmâs
# In Portuguese from Brazil - As Trigêmeas.
# In Slovenian
# In Spanish - Las Tres Mellizas.
# In Swedish - Trillingarna
# In Tamil
# In Thai
# In Turkish

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