Jacqueline Payne Marone

Infobox soap character
series = The Bold and the Beautiful
name = Jacqueline Marone

caption = Lesley-Anne Down as Jacqueline Marone (2007)
first = Episode 4014
April 1 2003
last =
residence = Marone Penthouse
Los Angeles, California
born = 1941
nickname = Jackie
gender = Female
family =
spouse = Frank Payne
Massimo Marone IV
romances = Deacon Sharpe
Eric Forrester Sr.
Stephen Logan Sr.
children = Dominick "Nick" Marone
(son, with Massimo)
grandchildren = Nicole Marone
(granddaughter via Nick; stillborn)
Jack Hamilton Marone
(grandson via Nick)
occupation = CEO of Spectra Fashions
Owner and President of Jackie M Boutiques
portrayer = Lesley-Anne Down
creator = Bradley Bell

Jacqueline "Jackie" Marone (previously Payne) is a fictional character in the US soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful", portrayed by English actress Lesley-Anne Down since April 2003.

Character's background

Jackie was introduced onto the show's canvas as the mother of Dominick "Nick" Marone (Jack Wagner), and Massimo Marone's (Joseph Mascolo) ex-lover. Jackie believed that Massimo didn't want her or their son (Nick) and for years pretended that Nick belonged to her husband, Frank Payne. Soon after her arrival in LA, Jackie became romantically involved with Eric Forrester (John McCook). Their relationship didn't last long and, after it was revealed that Frank had lied to Jackie about Massimo not wanting anything to do with her or Nick, Jackie reunited with Massimo. The two married, but their happiness was short-lived. When she realised Nick was in love with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), she was overjoyed when a paternity test revealed that Brooke was carrying Nick's baby. When she learned that there were problems with the paternity test, she convinced Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) to run another test. As they awaited the results, she got extremely drunk, and realised that Deacon had taken advantage of her state. Deacon lied that the paternity test revealed that Nick was not the father, when in fact the father was Massimo's eldest son his half-brother, Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss). Massimo became convinced that Jackie cheated on him, and was determined to catch her.

After Massimo kicked Jackie out for withholding the truth about the paternity test which ruined Massimo's relationship with Ridge she spent much of her time with Deacon. The two learned that they had a great deal in common and became lovers again. Just as they were beginning to prepare for a future together after Jackie signed the divorce papers, Massimo shocked Jackie by telling her that he wanted her back. When Nick, who hadn't spoken to Jackie since the paternity lie came out, threw his hat in Massimo's corner as well, Jackie left Deacon and moved back in with Massimo who, since he never filed the papers, was legally still her husband. Massimo ran Deacon out of town shortly after.

Massimo and Jackie, unable to make their marriage work, finally divorced. Jackie began seeing Eric again, and became convinced that he was about to propose to her. She was humiliated when she discovered that he had married Brooke, and Eric begged her to forgive him after he and Brooke divorced. She and Eric were finally ready to move on with their lives when Felicia (Lesli Kay) asked her parents to remarry as her dying wish, and after discussing it, Jackie and Eric agreed that, after Felicia's death, Eric would divorce Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and marry her.

However, Felicia miraculously survived, and now Eric must choose between Jackie and Stephanie. Jackie removed herself from the picture, knowing that Eric needed to be with his family.

This didn't mean that she and Stephanie got along. The two women have squabbled numerous times, and recently, one of their arguments have landed Jackie in the hospital, in a coma. (Jackie had fallen off the balcony in the Forrester house.) This has enraged her son, Nick, and with the help of Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), aims to make Stephanie pay for what she did to his mother.

However, events have come forward that show that Jackie may have lied about how her accident happened; and also some shameful secrets from her past have come to light. It was discovered that she slept with men who came into Seattle for money when Nick was very young; which Nick found untenable, and as such disowned Jackie due to her having been a prostitute. With the help of psychiatrist Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), Nick has since forgiven Jackie and they once again have a strong relationship. In an attempt to "shame" Nick and Jackie into returning the Forrester's company to them, Stephanie announced to all that Jackie was a former prostitute during the debut fashion show of "The New [Nick-owned] Forrester Creations." The plan backfired and Jackie garnered sympathy for having had to stoop so low to make a life for her and her son, particularly from Eric. Furious with Stephanie for sinking so low as to reveal such personal and damaging information about Jackie to the world, Eric continues to harbor resentment toward Stephanie and sympathy for Jackie. Jacqueline has taken advantage of Eric's vulnerability toward her and continuously (although unsuccessfully) attempts to seduce him away from Stephanie. It took Stephanie's sister, Pamela (Alley Mills), to deflect one of Jackie's attempts to seduce Eric. Jackie made a mistake of underestimating Pamela, and was thrown out. Despite the growing animosity between Nick and the Forresters, Jackie and Eric are still friendly with one another.

After an unsuccessful attempt at restarting the Brooke's Bedroom, Nick decided to sell Forrester Creations back to Eric, with one ultimatum--Stephanie may not be a part of the company. The sale was successful, and excluded the sale of Jackie M Boutiques, by which Jackie still owned. Clarke Garrison and her have recently begun a new venture by hoping to revitalize the Spectra Fashions label after Sally Spectra decided that she wanted to sell the company. Jackie hopes that she will be able to compete with the Forrester's better than ever, although she and Eric are still friends, as was evidenced when Eric invited her and Nick to the first fashion show since Eric got Forrester Creations back. Although Stephanie had them removed by security, (Eric found out and was furious with Stephanie for doing that) they still came back. Recently, Jackie became a first time grandmother, when Nick and Taylor finally gave birth to their newborn son, Jack (named after her). On a less happy note, she was one of the prime suspects in the shooting of Stephanie. When she returned to M Fashions (the former Spectra Fashions), she packed a bag hurriedly, and left town without any explanation. Jackie was a suspect for a while but eventually the shooter was revealed to be Storm Logan. What she took from Forrester Creations while she was there has yet to be revealed.

Jackie hasn't been around much lately, she was gleefully present at her son's wedding to Dr. Bridget Forrester and most recently was seen visiting Eric Forrester in the hospital after he lapsed into a coma. She was a possible suspect in his poisoning but she was once again cleared when Pamela Douglas was revealed to be guilty of the crime. While standing in Eric's hospital room though she did say that if he had married her when he had the chance he wouldn't be in the position he's in now.


* Owner and CEO of M Fashions (the former Spectra Fashions)
* Owner of Jackie M Boutiques
* Former Co-CEO of Forrester Creations
* Former Buyer for Fenmore Department Stores

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