Red devil cichlid

Red devil is the common name for two species of cichlid fish from genus "Amphilophus". In North America, red devils are generally "Amphilophus labiatus" while in Australia, red devils are generally "Amphilophus citrinellus" or a hybrid (A. labiatus X A. citrinellus). Both species are from Central America and are red to pink in colouration. This bright colouration, in combination with typical cichlid behaviours (brood care, territorial defence) make it a popular aquarium fish.

In the aquarium

Aquarists who keep cichlids regard red devils as bellicose cichlids. This aggressive behaviour means cohabitants should be chosen carefully and the fish should be kept in a large aquarium. Both species are not suited to beginner aquarists.

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Cichlid"Amphilophus citrinellus""Amphilophus labiatus"

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