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Open GI is a software company based in Warndon, Worcester, England, with around 300 employees. It supplies a proprietary software programme to the insurance broking market that integrates with open market hardware and Microsoft applications. Systems used to run solely on Misys-supplied (and maintained) TRIPOS servers. Servers currently use a Linux based operating system on Intel-based hardware, with the TRIPOS system running under emulation.

The company also provides a range of front and back-office solutions to manage business process, all of which are Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible. The platform is referred to as ‘Core’ [1]. There are currently over 25,000 users of the system across a range of companies from single site businesses to major call centre operations. [1] Open GI has also introduced greater levels of interoperability with other (typically Windows) platforms through development of XML and SQL technologies. Brokers can have their entire IT systems maintained by Open GI, have separate contracts with dedicated IT support companies or their own internal systems management.

In 1990, they pioneered Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the insurance market. During the financial year ended May 31 2007 Open GI systems were used to write 2.2 million policies. Now the company provides insurance brokers with access to over 1,000 products from more than 100 carriers.[2][3] Open GI Limited is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner recognising expertise in the technology marketplace.[4]

The company was formed after a management buyout in March 2006, separating from PLC Misys after almost 30 years of operation since 1979. The main funding for the buyout was provided by Montagu Private Equity. In September 2007, Open GI’s holding company, Open International, was acquired, again by the management team together with a number of shareholding directors at Towergate, Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary, for £276m.[5]. It serves an estimated 40% share of the UK broker market. For the year ended 31 May 2007 the company reported revenues of £27.3 million and an operating profit of £13.6 million. [6]


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