3 Districts of Iraq

Districts of Iraq

Provinces and districts of Iraq

Iraq's 18 provinces are subdivided into 111 districts (qadaa). The district usually bears the same name as the district capital. The districts are also separated into sub-districts.

The districts are listed below, by governorate (with capital in parentheses):


Al Anbar Governorate


Al Muthanna Governorate

  • Al-Khidhir District (Al-Khidhir)
  • Al-Rumaitha District (Al-Rumaitha)
  • Al-Salman District (Al-Salman)
  • Al-Samawa District (Samawa)

Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate

Arbil Governorate

Arbil Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan, with the exception of the southern Makhmour district.

  • Arbil (71)
  • Koisanjaq (80)
  • Shaqlawa (89), cities are Salahaddin and Hareer
  • Soran District (94), cities are Town of Soran, Rawanduz and Diana
  • Makhmour
  • Mergasur (83)
  • Choman (66)

Babil Governorate

  • Al-Mahawil District (Al-Mahawil)
  • Al-Musayab District (Al-Musayab)
  • Hashimiya District (Hashimiya)
  • Hilla District (Hilla)

Baghdad Governorate

Basra Governorate

  • Abu Al-Khaseeb District (Abu Al-Khaseeb)
  • Al-Midaina District (Al-Midaina)
  • Al-Qurna District (Al-Qurna)
  • Al-Zubair District (Al-Zubair)
  • Basrah District (Basrah)
  • al-Faw District (al-Faw)

Dhi Qar Governorate

  • Al-Chibayish District (Al-Chibayish)
  • Al-Rifa'i District (Al-Rifa'i)
  • Al-Shatra District (Al-Shatra)
  • Nassriya District (Nassriya)
  • Suq Al-Shoyokh District (Suq Al-Shoyokh)

Diyala Governorate

  • Al-Khalis District (Al-Khalis)
  • Al-Muqdadiya District (Al-Muqdadiya)
  • Baladrooz District (Baladrooz)
  • Ba'quba District (Ba'quba)
  • Khanaqin District (Khanaqin)
  • Kifri District (Kifri)

Duhok Governorate


Duhok Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • Amadiya District (Amadiya)
  • Dahuk District (Dahuk)
  • Sumel District (Sumel)
  • Zakho District (Zakho)

Karbala Governorate

  • Ain Al-Tamur District (Ain Al-Tamur)
  • Al-Hindiya District (Al-Hindiya)
  • Kerbala District (Kerbala)

Kirkuk Governorate

(From 1976 to mid 2006 called At-Ta'mim)

Maysan Governorate

  • Ali Al-Gharbi District (Ali Al-Gharbi)
  • Al-Kahla District (Al-Kahla)
  • Al-Maimouna District (Al-Maimouna)
  • Al-Mejar Al-Kabi District (Al-Mejar Al-Kabi)
  • Amara District (Amarah)
  • Qal'at Saleh District (Qal'at Saleh)

Najaf Governorate

Ninawa Governorate


Note that Akre and Shekhan districts are currently under the Kurdistan Regional Government control.

Salah ad Din Governorate


Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Sulaymaniyah Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Wasit Governorate

  • Al-Hai District (Al-Hai)
  • Al-Na'maniya District (Al-Na'maniya)
  • Al-Suwaira District (Al-Suwaira)
  • Badra District (Badra)
  • Kut District (Kut)

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