3 Elections in California

Elections in California

The number of elections in California varies by year. California has a gubernatorial election every four years and, in 2003, it had a recall election. Primary elections were held in March or June until 2008, when they were held in February. General elections, which cover state-wide issues, are held in November. On a county-by-county basis, elections also cover municipal issues. In addition, a special election can occur at any time.

Political parties

There are six qualified political parties: [ [http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_f.htm California Secretary of State - Elections & Voter Information - Qualified Political Parties] ]
*American Independent Party
*Democratic Party (see also California Democratic Party)
*Green Party (see also Green Party of California)
*Libertarian Party (see also Libertarian Party of California)
*Peace and Freedom Party
*Republican Party (see also California Republican Party)

Due to the first-past-the-post electoral system used in California, only the Democratic Party and Republican Party currently have representation in the State Legislature. However, Audie Bock, a member of the Green Party, was elected in 1999 under what some call special election musical chairs.

The following parties are attempting to qualify for the June 2008 Primary Election [California Secretary of State - [http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/elections_f_non.htm Parties Attempting to Qualify for June 2008 Primary Election] ] : Anarchy and Poverty Party, Christian Party, Neuroscience Party, New World Party, Reform Party, and Utopia Manifesto Party

In addition, there are a number of non-qualified parties: American Eagle Party, Equal Justice Party, Superhappy Party, Working Families Party, Reform Party, and the God, Truth and Love Party, New World Party, No More Black Holocaust and Reparations for Origians Now Party, United Conscious American-Africans for Peace, Success, and Fairness Party, and United Conscious Builders of All Americans Equal Dream Party, American Party, Berkeley Defense Group Party, Black Panther Party, Californians for an Alternative in November Party, Christian Nationalist Party, Citizen's Party, Communist Party, Constitution Party, Freedom and Peace Party, Independent Progressive Party, La Raza Unida Party, Liberty Party, Looking Back Party, National Socialist Movement, National Socialist White People's Party, New Alliance Party, People's Party, Populist Party of America, Progressive Party, Prohibition Party, Socialist Party, Socialist Labor Party, Socialist Workers Party, Universal Party, and Workers World Party.Fact|date=May 2008

Local elections in California at the county and city level are officially non-partisan and political party affiliations are not included on local election ballots.

Future elections

*November 4, 2008: Presidential election, Congressional elections, California State Assembly elections, California State Senate elections
*June 8, 2010: California gubernatorial primary election
*November 2,2010: California gubernatorial general election

Past elections

See lists on the side for past election results.

Election law in California



*California Secretary of State - [http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/elections_e.htm On-Line Lists of Candidates]
*JoinCalifornia - [http://www.joincalifornia.com California Election Statistics]

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Political parties

*California Democratic Party
*Green Party of California
*Libertarian Party of California
*California Republican Party

External links

* [http://voterguide.ss.ca.gov/ Official Voter Information Guide] California Secretary of State
* [http://www.joincalifornia.com California Election Statistics] One Voter Project
* [http://www.calvoter.org/voter/elections/index.html Elections Information] California Voter Foundation
* [http://www.vgt2004.org/a-kovr-kmax Voter Guide Covering Local Sacramento Races] Sacramento Area Voter Guide

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