International Life Saving Federation

International Life Saving Federation

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is an organization for water safety and lifesaving. According to the organization's web site [] the ILS was formed in 1993 from the merger of the Fédération Internationale de Sauvetage Aquatique (FIS) and World Life Saving (WLS). The predecessor organizations, FIS and WLS, were founded in 1910 and 1971, respectively. International cooperation among life savers predates both groups, and dates to the first Water Safety World Congress, held in Marseilles, France, in 1878.

Members of ILS


Egypt - Egyptian Underwater and Lifesaving Federation

Seychelles - Seychelles Lifesaving Brigade

South Africa - [ Lifesaving Association of South Africa]

Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Life Saving Society


Brazil - [ Brazilian Life Saving Society]

Canada - [ Lifesaving Society - Société de Sauvetage]

Venezuela - [ National Rescue and Maritime Safety Organisation]

Panama - [ Lifeguards Association of Panama]

Argentina - [ Professional Team for Aquatic Rescues]

Jamaica - Royal Life Saving Society - Jamaica

Saint Lucia - St. Lucia Life Saving Association

Trinidad & Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago Life Saving Society

USA - United States Lifesaving Association


Japan - Japan Lifesaving Association

Sri Lanka - Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka

Kazakhstan - Life Saving Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Malaysia - Life Saving Society Malaysia

Macau - Lifesaving Association of Macau

Iran - Lifesaving Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Taiwan - National Water Life Saving Association of the Republic of China

Qatar - Qatar Marine Sports Federation

India - [ Rashtriya Life Saving Society of India]

Fiji - Royal Life Saving Society of Fiji

Singapore - Singapore Life Saving Society

Indonesia - Surf Life Saving Association of Indonesia

Australia - Surf Life Saving Australia

New Zealand - Surf - Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Life Saving Society

Australia - The Royal Life Saving Society Australia


Austria - Austrian Water Rescue Federation

Belgium - Belgian Life Saving Federation

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Red Cross - Water Life Saving Service

Croatia - Croatian Red Cross

Cyprus - Cyprus Life Saving Association

Denmark - Danish Swimming Federation

Estonia - Estonian Life Saving

Finland - Finnish Association for Swimming Instruction and Life Saving

France - French Federation of Lifesaving and First Aid

Germany - German Life Saving Association

Greece - Hellenic Red Cross - Volunteering Samaritan Corps

Hungary - Hungarian Life Saving Federation

Ireland - Irish Water Safety

Italy - Italian Swimming Federation - Lifesaving Section

Latvia - Latvian Life Saving Society

Netherlands - Lifesaving Brigades - The Netherlands

Lithuania - Lithuanian Water Rescue Association

Macedonia - Macedonian Red Cross - Water Safety Expert Centre

Romania - National Ass. of Professional Divers and Lifeguards from Romania

Norway - Norwegian Lifesaving Society

Poland - [ WOPR - Polish Life Saving Federation]

Portugal - ISN - Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving

United Kingdom - Royal Life Saving Society - United Kingdom

Russia - Russian Life Saving Federation

Serbia & Montenegro - Serbia and Montenegro Red Cross Society

Spain - Spanish Lifesaving Federation

Azerbaijan - State Water Rescue Service of Azerbaijan

Great Britain - [ Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain]

Sweden - Swedish Life Saving Society

Switzerland - Swiss Lifesaving Society

Israel - The Israeli Association for Bathing, Drowning Prevention and Lifesaving

Turkey - Turkish Underwater Sports Federation

Czech Republic - Water Rescue Service - Czech Red Cross

Slovakia - Water Rescue Service of Slovak Red Cross

Ukraine - Water Rescue Society of Ukraine

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* [ International Life Saving Federation - homepage]
* [ Federación Aragonesa de Socorrismo y Salvamento]

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