Otago University Debating Society

The Otago University Debating Society (OUDS) was established in June 1878 and is the oldest society of the University of Otago,[1][2][3] the first university to be founded in New Zealand. Echoing trends in Australia and the United States (the University of Sydney Union was founded in 1874 and Harvard's debating union in 1880), in the latter decades of the nineteenth century debating was seen as an important talent for New Zealand's thought leaders,[4][5] and was one of the three sports in the New Zealand University Games from 1902.

Prominent members of OUDS during its early years included Alfred Richard Barclay (one of its first vice-presidents),[6] William Downie Stewart, Jr. (1898–1900),[7] Harry Bedford (1900–1901)[8] who as a 25-year-old policial novice entered Parliament in 1902 with the highest individual vote that had ever been recorded in New Zealand,[9] John Callan (who won the Joynt Challenge Scroll in 1905)[10] and Oswald Chettle Mazengarb (c.1910).[11]

OUDS is one of the five societies in the New Zealand Universities Debating Council,[12] through which members compete in domestic, national and international tournaments. In conjunction with members from the Otago University Rugby Club, OUDS members formed the Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) in 1890 because it felt that university students needed strong representation. OUSA has become a strong advocate for student rights.



Bluff Cup

Bluff Cup is the name given to the debates held between members of OUDS each week, and aims to strengthen speakers. Each team name is based on a South Island locality. The Bluff Cup itself was donated in 1988 by the team the won the OUDS championship - Team Bluff.

University Games

University Games (also known as "Easters") is the first national debating tournament of the year, competing for the Officer's Cup.[13] OUDS has been a regular competitor at the tournament (usually sending the maximum of five teams) ever since the first event in 1902.[14] The tournament is held in the first mid-semester break. Teams of two speakers are given 5 minutes preparation time. University Games 2010 was held in Invercargil.[15][16]


Claytons is a casual tournament for debaters who have not been to more than two national tournaments. It is held annually between OUDS and the University of Canterbury Debating Society, who alternate as the host. Teams of three speakers are given 30 minutes preparation time before each debate.

The 2006 competition, hosted by OUDS was in Waimate, South Canterbury. The tournament was won by a team from Canterbury. Two OUDS members, Tristan Egarr and Lucy Johnson were selected in the tournament team for speaking very well at the tournament. The 2007 tournament, held in Christchurch, was won by Otago.

In more recent history Otago won the 2011 tournament hosted by Christchurch in Waimate with a team including Kieran James Bunn, Nancy Elizabeth Smith and Nathan Thomas. The next tournament is planned for 2012 and will be hosted by OUDS


"Australs" or the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships is a week long competition held in the break between university semesters. Debates are held over a range of international topics. Australs follows a traditional debating format: 3 team members with 8 preliminary rounds. Topics are impromptu with half an hour of preparation time allowed.

The 2010 Australs was hosted by the University of Auckland Debating Society. OUDS sent 7 teams and 6 adjudicators. William Chisholm was a grand final adjudicator.[17]

Joynt Scroll

Joynt Scroll (otherwise known as New Zealand University Prepared Debating Championships or "Winters") is a 3 team member fully prepared debating competition. Joynt Scroll is New Zealand’s oldest and most respected national university debating tournament, and is New Zealand’s second oldest sporting competition.[18]

Victoria University BP Tournament

The Victoria University BP (British Parliamentary) tournament is held at the end of the academic year after exams. It is a relatively new tournament and debates are run in British Parliamentary style (as is done at the World Universities Debating Championship). It was established in 2004 by the Victoria University Debating Society.

OUDS Alumni

1988 OUDS members
  • Michael Laws (writer/broadcaster and former Mayor of Whanganui; former MP for National and NZ First)[19]
  • Chris Carter, former cabinet minister and gay equality campaigner[20]
  • David Pine ('Sneaky Feelings' pop singer and current NZ ambassador to Malaysia)
  • Hon. David Cunliffe (Labour MP and former Minister of Health)


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