Shitfaced Clowns

Shitfaced Clowns is a Norway-based international demogroup focusing on producing demos for the Game Boy Advance handheld console.


The group debuted in 2005 with the demo Newton never did this, BITCH, which got nominated for "Best effects" the Awards the same year. Although they have only (as of July 2007) released four demos, the members are experienced demo makers with background from other groups and platforms. Shitfaced Clowns are recognized for producing technically advanced demos, and claim to hold several world records for programming-wise achievements on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance platform. The word "shitfaced" is a slang term of drunkenness.


* Kusma (Erik Faye-Lund) - programming
* Spookisys (Eivind Liland) - programming
* Dixan - music
* Snarling - 3D graphics
* Fred - 2D graphics


* Newton never did this, BITCH - (Placed 4th in the Stream Mega 2005 combined demo competition, nominated for Awards 2005 [ Best effect] )
* Five Finger Discount - (Placed 2nd in the Breakpoint 2006 console demo competition, Awarded's Best of 2006 - [ Console Demo] award, nominated for Awards 2006 [ Best effect] and [ Best demo] )
* Who's your favourite clown? - (Placed 2nd in the Assembly 2006 mobile demo competition)
* Matt Current - (Placed 2nd in the Breakpoint 2007 console demo competition, Awarded's Best of 2007 - [ Console Demo] award)

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