HMS Elephant

Three ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS "Elephant", after the elephant. Two other ships were originally given that name, but were subsequently changed.

* HMS "Elephant" (1705) - the first such named ship was a captured French store-ship purchased in 1705 and hulked 1709

* HMS "Elephant" (1776) - a 10-gun storeship purchased 1776 and sold 1779

* HMS "Elephant" (1786) - a 74-gun third-rate launched in 1786, reduced to a 58-gun fourth-rate in 1818, and broken up in 1830
* HMS "Minotaur" - 1863, known as "Elephant" during construction

* HMS "Hermes" (R12) - initially laid down in 1945, she was originally to be called HMS "Elephant"shipindex|name= Elephant

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