Grammy Award for Best New Age Album

Grammy Award for Best New Age Album

The Grammy Award for Best New Age Album has been awarded since 1987. The award has had several minor name changes:

*In 1987 the award was known as Best New Age Recording
*From 1988 to 1991 it was awarded as Best New Age Performance
*Since 1992 it has been awarded as Best New Age Album

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were handed out, for music released in the previous year.


*Grammy Awards of 2008
**Paul Winter Consort for "Crestone"
*Grammy Awards of 2007
**Enya for "Amarantine"
*Grammy Awards of 2006
**Paul Winter Consort for "Silver Solstice"
*Grammy Awards of 2005
**Will Ackerman for "Returning"
*Grammy Awards of 2004
**Steven Rodby (producer) & Pat Metheny (engineer, producer & artist) for "One Quiet Night"
*Grammy Awards of 2003
**Les Kahn (engineer/mixer), Eric Tingstad (engineer/mixer, producer & artist) & Nancy Rumbel (producer & artist) for "Acoustic Garden"
*Grammy Awards of 2002
**Nicky Ryan (engineer & producer) & Enya (engineer & artist) for "A Day Without Rain"
*Grammy Awards of 2001
**Gary Barlough, Peter R. Kelsey (engineers/mixers) & Kitaro (producer & artist) for "Thinking of You"
*Grammy Awards of 2000
**Paul Winter for "Celtic Solstice"


*Grammy Awards of 1999
**Clannad for "Landmarks"
*Grammy Awards of 1998
**Michael Hedges for "Oracle"
*Grammy Awards of 1997
**Enya for "The Memory of Trees"
*Grammy Awards of 1996
**George Winston for "Forest"
*Grammy Awards of 1995
**Paul Winter for "Prayer for the Wild Things"
*Grammy Awards of 1994
**Paul Winter Consort for "Spanish Angel"
*Grammy Awards of 1993
**Enya for "Shepherd Moons"
*Grammy Awards of 1992
**Chip Davis for "Fresh Aire 7"
*Grammy Awards of 1991
**Mark Isham for "Mark Isham "
*Grammy Awards of 1990
**Peter Gabriel for ""


*Grammy Awards of 1989
**Shadowfax for "Folksongs for a Nuclear Village" (Band members: Charles Bisharat, Chuck Greenberg, David Lewis, Phil Maggini, Stuart Nevitt, G. E. Stinson).
*Grammy Awards of 1988
**Yusef Lateef for "Yusef Lateef's Little Symphony"
*Grammy Awards of 1987
**Andreas Vollenweider for "Down to the Moon"

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