Visa Oshwal

A sub-caste of the generic "Oswal" or "Oshwal" or "Osval". "Visa" means twenty as opposed to the "Dasa" - ten. This is simply to relate the hierarchies of the two sub-castes between each other. Origin: apocryphal from the city of "Ossia" or "Osia" in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan state in north-west India which was converted by Jain spiritual teachers as the "Oshwal Gaccha" or the Oshwal corps of Jain lay men and women. Initial migration and settlement in the Kutch peninsula of Gujarat. Further divisions from later migrations, primarily from the Kutch region to the Halar District (present day Jamnagar District) in Kathiawad, Ahmedabad, and Bombay.Examples of Visa Oshwal communities are Halari Visa Oshwal,Kutchi Visa Oshwal etc.

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