Chembox new
Name = Azinphos-methyl
ImageFile = Azinphos-methyl-2D-skeletal.png ImageName = {Azinphos-methyl
IUPACName = S-(3,4-Dihydro-4-oxobenzo [d] -
[1,2,3] -triazin-3-ylmethyl)
O,O-dimethyl phosphorodithioate
OtherNames = Azinphos-methyl
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 86-50-0
ChemSpiderID = 2182
RTECS = TE1925000

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Appearance = Brown, waxy solid
Density = 1.44 g cm−3, solid
Solubility = 28 mg/L
MeltingPt = 73 °C (346 K)
BoilingPt = >200 °C (decomp.)

Section7 = Chembox Hazards
ExternalMSDS = [ External MSDS]
MainHazards = highly toxic
NFPA-H = 3
NFPA-R = 1
NFPA-F = 2
FlashPt = 69 °C
RPhrases = R24 R28
SPhrases = S28 S36 S37 S45

Section8 = Chembox Related
Function = organophosphates
OtherFunctn = malathion

Azinphos-methyl (Guthion) is a broad spectrum organophosphate insecticide manufactured by Bayer CropScience, Gowan Co., and Makhteshim Agan. [ [ EPA's Interrum Reregistration Eligibility Decesion for Azinphos-methyl] ] Like other pesticides in this class, it owes its insecticidal properties (and human toxicity) to the fact that it is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

History and Uses

Azinphos-methyl is a dangerous neurotoxin derived from nerve agents developed during World War II. In the US, it is registered for use on select nut trees, vegetable crops, and fruit trees. It is not registered for consumer or residential use. It has been linked to health problems of farmers who apply it, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considered a denial of reregistration, citing, “concern to farm workers, pesticide applicators, and aquatic ecosystems." [ibid.] After settling a 2004 lawsuit brought by the United Farm Workers of America and other groups, the EPA accounced it would begin phasing out the remaining uses of the pesticide in 2007 with all uses ending in 2012. In January 2007, the suit was reopened, with the plaintiffs seeking a quicker phaseout. [ [ Earthjustice press release announcing the reopening of the azinphos-methyl lawsuit.] ]

Azinphos-methyl has been banned in the European Union since 2006. [cite news|url=|title=Europe Rejects Appeal for Use of Azinphos-methyl Pesticide|last=Scott|first=Alex|date=August 4, 2008|publisher=Chemical Week|accessdate=2008-08-11]


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