Kirovohrad Oblast

Infobox Ukrainian oblast
Name = Kirovohrad Oblast
UkrainianName = Кіровоградська область
TransliteratedName = Kirovohrads’ka oblast’


Administrative_center = Kirovohrad
GovernorName = Vasyl Motsnyi
GovernorParty = non-party
ChairmanName = Mykola Sukhomlyn
ChairmanParty = ?
CouncilSeats = ?
Raions = 21
CityRaions = 4
Cities = 12
CMTs = 26
Villages = 1,015
AreaRank = 15th
TotalArea = 24,588
LandArea = ?
WaterArea = ?
PercentWater = ?
PopulationYear = 2006
Population_rank = ?
Population = 1,057,951
Density = 45
Population_Growth = ?
SalaryYear = ?
Salary_rank = ?
Salary = ?
Salary_Growth = ?
PostalAbbreviation = 25000-27999
ISOCode =
FIPSRegionCode =
PhoneCode = +380-52
Website =

Kirovohrad Oblast ( _uk. Кіровоградська область, translit. "Kirovohrads’ka oblast’"; also referred to as Kirovohradshchyna - " _uk. Кіровоградщина") is an oblast (province) of Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Kirovohrad.


The area of the province is 24,600 km², its population (as of 2004-05-01) is 1.1 million.

The city of Dobrovelychkivka is the geographical center of Ukraine.


The oblast was created as part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on January 10, 1939.

Between 1752 and 1764, the Kirovohrad Oblast was a territory of Imperial Russia named Nova Serbia, and existed in this area with an administrative seat in Novomyrhorod.

Points of Interest

The following sites were nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
* Khutir Nadia
* Saint Elizabeth fortress
* Oblast art museum


The Kirovohrad Oblast is administratively subdivided into 21 raions (districts) as well as 4 cities (municipalities) which are directly subordinate to the oblast government: Oleksandriia, Svitlovodsk, Znamianka, and the administrative center of the oblast, Kirovohrad.


Most of Ukraine's oblasts are named after their capital cities, officially referred to as "oblast centers" ( _uk. обласний центр, translit. "oblasnyi tsentr"). The name of each oblast is a relative adjective, formed by adding a feminine suffix to the name of respective center city: "Kirovohrad" is the center of the "Kirovohrads’ka oblast’" (Kirovohrad Oblast). Most oblasts are also sometimes referred to in a feminine noun form, following the convention of traditional regional place names, ending with the suffix "-shchyna", as is the case with the Kirovohrad Oblast, "Kirovohradshchyna".

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* Subdivisions of Ukraine

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