Phage (disambiguation)

Phage is the shortened form of bacteriophage, a virus that infects bacteria.

Phage (from Greek phagein, 'to eat') may also refer to:

In virology:

* Enterobacteria phage T2, virulent bacteriophage of the T4-like viruses genus
* Enterobacteria phage T4, phage that infects E. coli bacteria
* Lambda phage, temperate bacteriophage that infects Escherichia coli
* M13 phage, filamentous bacteriophage composed of circular single stranded DNA
* P22 phage, virus that infects salmonella
* Phi-X174 phage, the first organism to have its genome sequenced
* Pseudomonas phage Φ6, the best-studied bacteriophage of the family Cystoviridae
* T7 phage, phage capable of infecting susceptible bacterial cells

In molecular biology:

* Phage display, test to screen for protein interactions by integrating multiple genes from a gene bank into phages
* Phage ecology, the study of the interaction of bacteriophage with their environments
* Phage monographs, books published on the topic of bacteriophage
* Phage therapy, alternative disease treatment to antibiotics

In cellular biology:

* Phagocyte, a cell that ingests foreign cells, viruses, and debris
* Macrophage, a large phagocyte that originates from a monocyte

In other fields:

* "Phage" (Voyager episode), the fifth episode of the television series "Star Trek: Voyager"
* Phage (comics), supervillain from the Spider-Man comic books
* Phages, monsters of the day in the final season of "Sailor Moon"
* a card from Magic: the Gathering
* "Phages," an EP by Canadian rock group The Most Serene Republic
* Phage, a computer virus affecting the Palm OS operating system

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