Chocomaro is a brown version of Mashimaro, a fat white rabbit of Korean existence. He appears in two parodies of the "Mashimaro" Episodes, and they are Episode Two (called Pic-Nic) and Three (called Moon). In these versions of "Pic-Nic" and "Moon", Chocomaro tries to do the things that Mashimaro does in the normal versions, but he messes them up. He also gets hurt while doing them (e.g. falling from a tree, getting hit with a large glass bottle). Chocomaro is believed to be the brother of Mashimaro, but no one knows for sure. At the beginnings of each parody, Chocomaro copies Mashimaro's function, and Mashimaro somehow hurts Chocomaro for doing so. Chocomaro may be a "wannabe Mashimaro".

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