List of radio stations in Asia

This is a list of radio stations in Asia.


*Arman FM 98.1
*Radio Afghanistan
*Radio Aryana FM 93.5 Kabul Afghanistan
*Radio Azadi FM 100.5 Kabul Afghanistan
*BBC Radio FM 89.0 Kabul Afghanistan
*Radio kILID FM 87.5 Kabul Afghanistan
*Radio FM 89.4 Kabul Afghanistan
*Radio Zala FM 89.2 Kunar Afghanistan


* Bangladesh Betar (
* Radio Metrowave - [no longer on air]
* Radio Foorti - 88.0MHz(FM) in Dhaka, 98.40MHz(FM) in Chittagong and 98.8MHz(FM) in Sylhet [ Official Website of Radio Foorti]
* Radio ABC - 89.20MHz FM
* Radio ToDay - 89.60MHz FM
* Capital FM - 90.0 FM
* Radio AMAR - 101.6 FM


* Radio Voice of VietNam (VOV) (
* The News and Current Affairs Channel (VOV1) - [VOV1 is on air for 18 hours from 05.00am till midnight every day. It provides listeners with the latest information on current affairs, politics, diplomacy, economics, literature and art.The channel is broadcast on short- and medium-wave frequencies of 594, 630, 648, 655, 675, 690, 711, 5975, 9530 and 7210 kHz.]
* The Cultural and Social Affairs Channel (VOV2) - [Broadcasting 19 hours a day, VOV2 provides news and analysis, disseminates public knowledge and features discussions on cultural, literature and art and spiritual issues. It caters for listeners of all age groups, social sections and occupations.]
* The Music, Information and Entertainment Channel (VOV3) - [Broadcasting 24 hours a day, VOV3 brings an exciting world of high-quality music to listeners with a diverse range of tastes and styles. Its first programme was broadcast on September 7, 1990 on the FM frequency of 100MHz and the channel has ever since built up a strong following among the majority of young listeners.]
*The Overseas Service Channel (VOV6) - [VOV6 is designed for Vietnamese nationals residing overseas and foreigners around the world. The channel is broadcast on short and medium waves in 12 languages.]


*Beijing Music Radio
*Beijing People's News Radio 828 AM
*China National Radio
**CNR 1 - Voice of China
**CNR 2 - Voice of Fortune
**CNR 3 - Music Radio
**CNR 4 - Metro Radio
**CNR 5 - Cross-straits Radio, Taiwan service 1
**CNR 6 - Cross-straits Radio, Taiwan service 2
**CNR 7 - Voice of Huaxia FM 104.9
**CNR 8 - Minorities Service
**CNR 9 - Voice of Huaxia FM 87.8
*China Radio International
**CRI Easy FM 91.5
*Chongqing Economic 101.5 FM
*Chongqing Music 88.1 FM
*Chongqing News 96.8 FM
*Chongqing People's Radio
*Chongqing Traffic 95.5 FM
*Chutian Radio
*City 792
*DongGuang News 104.5
*ERS Shanghai East Radio
*East Finance 97.7 FM
*Fujian People's Radio
*Gansu Economy Radio 93.4 FM
*Guangxi Economic Radio
*Guizhou Economic Radio 98.9 FM
*Guizhou People's Radio
*Guizhou Traffic Radio 95.2 FM
*HeiLongJiang News 621 AM
*Henan Communication Radio
*Henan Culture Radio
*Henan News Radio
*Hubei People's Radio
*Jilin Traffic & Culture 103.8 FM
*Nanhai People's News 92.4 FM
*NingXia People's News 891 AM
*NingXia People's Traffic Radio
*Pearl Radio
*Radio Foshan
*Radio Gansu
*Radio Guangdong Music FM
*Radio Guangdong Sport Channel
*Radio Guangdong Stock Market
*Radio Guangdong Voice of Health
*Radio Guangzhou
*Radio Pearl
*Satellite Radio Guangdong
*Shandong Economy 594 AM / 96FM
*Shandong Entertainment Radio (MY FM)
*Shandong Life Radio
*Shandong News Radio
*Shandong People's Radio
*Shandong Sixth Radio
*Shandong Traffic 101.1 FM
*Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group
*Shanghai Radio
*Shanxi Art and Culture Radio 101.5 FM
*Shanxi Economic Radio 95.8 FM
*Shanxi Health Radio 105.9 FM
*Shanxi News Radio 819/846/1269 FM
*Shanxi Rural Radio 603 AM
*Shanxi Traffic Radio 88.0 FM
*Shenzhen Radio Station
*Tianjin Bibhai Radio
*Tianjin People's Radio
*Traffic Radio FM 105.2
*Voice of City 107 FM
*Voice of the West Lake
*Xizang People's Radio
*Yunnan People's Radio
*ZheJiang Culture 99.6 FM
*ZheJiang Economy 95.0 FM
*ZheJiang Music 96.8 FM
*ZheJiang News Radio
*ZheJiang People's Radio 810 AM
*ZheJiang Tourism Radio
*ZheJiang Traffic Radio 93 FM

Hong Kong

* CRHK 1 [FM 88.1/89.5 MHz]
* CRHK 2 [FM 90.3/92.1 MHz]
* RTHK 1 [FM 92.6/94.4 MHz]
* RTHK 2 [FM 94.8/96.9 MHz]
* RTHK 3 [AM 567 kHz, AM 1584 kHz/FM 106.8 MHz (Hong Kong South)] , FM 97.9 MHz (Happy Valley, Jardine's Lookout, Parkview Corner), FM 107.8 MHz (Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai)]
* RTHK 4 [FM 97.6/98.9 MHz]
* RTHK 5 [AM 783 kHz, FM 99.4 MHz (Tseung Kwan O), FM 106.8 MHz (Tuen Mun, Yuen Long)]
* RTHK Putonghua [AM 621 kHz, FM 100.9 MHz (Causeway Bay, Wan Chai), FM 103.3 MHz (Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai)]
* Metro Finance [FM 102.4/106.3 MHz]
* Metro ShowBiz [FM 99.7/102.1 MHz]
* BBC World Service [675 kHz AM]


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* List of radio stations in Jakarta, Indonesia
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* Rádio Vilaverde Lda
* Teledifusão de Macao, S.A.R.L. Rádio Macao


* List of radio stations in Malaysia


* AM/MW Stations
** Radio Pakistan
** Azad Kashmir Radio

* Major FM Stations
** City FM 89 (89 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad)
** Josh FM 99 (99 MHz. Karachi, Thatta) email:
** Radio1 FM 91 (91 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar)
** Radioactive FM 96 (96 MHz. Karachi)
** PowerFM99 (99 MHz. Islamabad, Vehari, Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad, Bagh)
** FM 100 Pakistan (100 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad)
** FM One O One (101 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Sialkot, Larkana, Peshawar, AJK)
** Mast FM 103 (103 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan)
** Buraq FM (104 MHz. Peshawar, Sialkot, & Mansehra)
** Buraq FM (105 MHz. Mardan)
** Sachal's Hot 105 FM (105 MHz. Karachi, Larkana, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Hyderabad)
** 106.2 HUM FM (106.2 MHz. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad)
** Apna Karachi 107 (107 MHz. Karachi)

* Rural Area/Smaller FM Stations
** Apna FM88 (88 MHz. Layyah)
** Lakki FM88 (88 MHz. Sarai-e-Naurang, Lakki Marwat)
** Aap Ka Humsafar FM92 (92 MHz. Noriabad, Khairpur, Kasur)
** Sunrise Pakistan 97 (97 MHz. Hassanabdal, Jehlum, Sahiwal & Sargodha)
** Jeevey Pakistan (97 MHz. Khanewal, Lodhran, Rahim Yar Khan, Ahmed pur East)
** Campus Radio 104.6 (104.6 MHz. Lahore)
** Awaz FM (105 MHz. Gujrat)
** FM IIUI 90.6 (90.6 MHz. Islamabad)
** Campus Radio FM-107 (107 MHz. Peshawar)
** Apna Fm 88 (88 MHz. Muzaffargarh)


* [ Shabab Radio 100.5 Birzeit]


* List of Philippine radio stations


* List of radio stations in Singapore

South Korea

* Korean Broadcasting System
* Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
* Seoul Broadcasting System

Sri Lanka

* Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation formerly known as Radio Ceylon
* Lite 89.2
* Gold FM
* Sun FM
* Sirasa FM
* Hiru FM
* Sri FM
* Sha FM
* Lakhanda

Taiwan (Republic of China)

* Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC)
* Radio Taiwan International of the Central Broadcasting System (CBS)
* ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei) (English)
* Police Radio Station (PRS)
* Voice of Han Broadcasting Network
* Hit Fm
* Kiss Radio Taiwan

Wikipedia's Taiwan Radio Station Table (in Chinese)

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* [ FMLIST] worldwide database of FM stations
* [ FMSCAN] worldwide FM reception prediction
* [ MWLIST] worldwide database of MW and LW stations
* [ MWSCAN] worldwide MW and SW reception prediction

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