Narrow-body aircraft

Narrow-body aircraft
This Virgin America Airbus A320 is an example of a narrow-body passenger cabin.

A narrow-body aircraft (also known as a single aisle aircraft) is an airliner with a fuselage aircraft cabin width typically of 3 to 4 metres (10 to 13 ft), and airline seat arranged 2 to 6 abreast along a single aisle. Narrow-body aircraft with a range not allowing transatlantic or transcontinental flights are commonly known as regional airliners.

In contrast, a wide-body aircraft is a larger airliner and is usually configured with multiple travel classes with a fuselage diameter of 5 to 7 metres (16 to 20 ft) and twin aisles. Passengers are usually seated 7 to 10 abreast. For comparison, typical wide-body aircraft can accommodate between 200 and 600 passengers, while the largest narrow-body aircraft currently in widespread service (the Boeing 757-300) carries a maximum of about 250.


Common narrow-body aircraft types

six-abreast cabin

  • Airbus A320 family - currently the world's 2nd best selling jet aircraft , 156 inches (4.0 m) (395 cm) outside width
  • Boeing 707 - the first commercially successful jet airliner, 148 inches (3.8 m) (376 cm) outside width
  • Boeing 727 - at one time the most-produced airliner, 148 inches (3.8 m) outside diameter
  • Boeing 737 - the world's best selling jet aircraft of all time, surpassing the 727, 148 inches (3.8 m) outside diameter
  • Boeing 757 - the largest of major narrow bodies,148 inches (3.8 m) outside diameter
    This Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 is a popular narrow-body short-medium range airliner. It is one of the more modern narrow body designs.
  • Douglas DC-8, 373 cm outside width
  • Tupolev Tu-154 - jet aircraft
  • Tupolev Tu-204 - jet aircraft
  • Tupolev Tu-334 - jet aircraft
  • Vickers VC10, 373 cm outside width

five-abreast cabin

Operating or proposed short haul regional and jet airliners


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