List of exponential topics

This is a list of exponential topics, by Wikipedia page. See also list of logarithm topics.
*Accelerating change
*Artin-Hasse exponential
*Bacterial growth
*Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formula
*Cell growth
*Barometric formula
*Basic infection number
*Beer-Lambert law
*Characterizations of the exponential function
*Compound interest
*De Moivre's formula
*Doléans-Dade exponential
*Elimination half-life
*Error exponent
*Euler's formula
*Euler's identity
*e (mathematical constant)
*Exponent bias
*Exponential backoff
*Exponential decay
*Exponential dichotomy
*Exponential distribution
*Exponential error
*Exponential family
*Exponential formula
*Exponential function
*Exponential generating function
*Exponential growth
*Exponential integral
*Exponential map
*Exponential notation
*Exponential object (category theory)
*Exponential polynomials—see Touchard polynomials (combinatorics)
*Exponential smoothing
*Exponential sum
*Exponential time
**Sub-exponential time
*Exponential timeline
*Exponential tree
*Exponentially equivalent measures
*Exponentiating by squaring
*Gaussian function
*Gudermannian function
*Hyperbolic function
*Inflation, inflation rate
*Lifetime (physics)
*Limiting factor
*Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem
*List of integrals of exponential functions
*List of integrals of hyperbolic functions
*Lyapunov exponent
*Malthusian catastrophe
*Malthusian growth model
*Matrix exponential
*Moore's law
*Nachbin's theorem
*Power law
*Proof that e is irrational
*Proof that e is transcendental
*Radioactive decay
*Rule of 70, Rule of 72
*Spontaneous emission

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