Adam Chandler

Infobox soap character
series = All My Children
name = Adam Chandler, Sr.

caption1 = David Canary as Adam Chandler
first = December 1983
last =
cause =
nickname =
alias =
gender = Male
age =
born =
death =
occupation = Founder, owner, Chairman, CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Owner of
Former owner and operator of "Adam's Place", a bar formerly known as The Pit
Former owner of WRCW
Former owner of a fertility clinic
Former owner of Tempo Magazine
Former producer of the movie "Raising Kane"
title = CEO
siblings= Stuart Chandler (identical twin brother)
Charlotte Chandler (sister; deceased)
spouse = Althea Chandler (divorced)
Erica Kane (divorced)
Brooke English (invalid)
Dixie Cooney (invalid; deceased)
Natalie Marlowe (invalid)
Gloria Marsh (divorced)
Liza Colby (three times divorced)
Arlene Vaughan (divorced)
Krystal Carey (divored)
children = Skye Chandler Quartermaine (former adoptive daughter, with Althea)
Hayley Vaughan (daughter, with Arlene)
Adam Chandler, Jr. [J.R.] (son, with Dixie)
Anna Claire Chandler (daughter, with Gloria; deceased)
Colby Chandler (daughter, with Liza)
relatives = Ross Chandler (nephew)
Scott Chandler (adoptive nephew)
Lorenzo Santos (grandson; via Hayley)
Adam Chandler III (grandson; via J.R.)
Julie Rand Chandler (adoptive great-niece)
residence = Chandler Mansion
300 River Road
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
episode =
portrayer = David Canary (1983-present)
creator = Agnes Nixon
color = #C80815

Adam Chandler, Sr. is a fictional character from the daytime drama "All My Children", portrayed by David Canary, from 1983 to present. Adam has risen from his humble beginnings in the small town of Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia to become one of the wealthiest men in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. He can be considered one of the most devious individuals on the show. His business dealings can and have gotten him into severe trouble. He has a close relationship with his family, and is especially close to his identical twin brother, Stuart.

Adam is one of Pine Valley's most frequently married characters. He resides at Chandler Mansion (300 River Road), and since September 21 2005 to late 2007, had been married to Krystal Carey. He has had a long-standing feud with Palmer Cortlandt; although that front quieted down, as Palmer is no longer seen often. He paid schemer Ava Benton to break up the romance of his own daughter (Colby) and her boyfriend (Sean Montgomery), and after she found out about her father paying Ava, she moved out of his house. On August 9 2007, he posed as Stuart to be close to Krystal, and held her baby daughter, Jenny Carey, for the first time.

His son, J.R., cut off ties with him on December 27 2007 when he found out that Adam had evidence that could dismiss the charges brought against him for the supposed murder of Zach Slater, but did nothing to present such vital information.

Four of Adam's five children have survived into adulthood: Skye, Hayley (Vaughan), J.R., and Colby. Three of them are alcoholics; Colby has started to follow the same path. With the exception of Colby, all are in recovery.

Recognized beyond fiction, Adam has been cited by scholars as one of the "most powerful male figures in television",cite book | author = Henry Jenkins, TaraMcPherson, Jane Shattuc | title = [ Hop on Pop: The Politics and Pleasures of Popular Culture] | id = ISBN 0822327376 | publisher =Duke University Press | year = 2002 |pages = 792 pages (specific page)] cite book | author = David Mansour | title = [ From Abba to Zoom: A Pop Culture Encyclopedia of the Late 20th Century] | id = ISBN 0740751182 | publisher = Andrews McMeel Publishing | year = 2005 |pages =560] as well as one of its most complex villains, said to "combine ruthlessness in business and love with wit and sometimes true tenderness."cite book | author = Dorothy Catherine | title = [ Other Worlds: Society Seen Through Soap Opera] | id = ISBN 1551111039 | publisher =Broadview Press | year = 1999 |pages = 171 pages (specific page)]

Brief character detail


*Founder, Owner, Chairman of the Board , CEO of Chandler Enterprises.
*Owner of
*Former owner and operator of "Adam's Place", a bar formerly known as The Pit.
*Former owner of WRCW
*Former owner of a fertility clinic
*Former owner of Tempo Magazine
*Former producer of the movie "Raising Kane"

Family and relationships

*Stuart Chandler (twin brother)
*Lottie Chandler (sister, deceased)

Marital status

*Estranged — Krystal Carey (married in 2005, estranged since early 2007)

Past marriage(s)

*Althea Patterson (dissolved by her death)
*Erica Kane (divorced; 1986-1995)
*Brooke English (invalid; 1987-1988)
*Dixie Cooney (invalid; 1989-1990)
*Natalie Marlowe (invalid; 1992-1993)
*Erica Kane (invalid; 1995)
*Gloria Marsh (divorced; 1996-1997)
*Liza Colby (divorced; 1998)
*Liza Colby (divorced; 1999-2000)
*Arlene Vaughan (divorced; 2001)
*Liza Colby (divorced, 2003-2004)


*Hayley Vaughan (daughter, with Arlene Vaughan)
*J.R. Chandler Jr.(son, with Dixie Cooney)
*Anna Claire Chandler (daughter, with Gloria, deceased)
*Colby Chandler (daughter, with Liza Colby)
*Unnamed Child (with Liza Colby) (deceased; miscarriage)


*Lorenzo Santos (grandson, via Hayley, born August 29, 2001)
*Adam Chandler III (grandson, via J.R., born March 24, 2004)

Other relatives

*Scott Chandler (nephew, via adoption)
*Ross Chandler (nephew)

Flings and romantic relationships

*Joy Hawkins
*Kay Campobello
*Dixie Cooney
*Arlene Vaughan
*Mary Smythe
*Krystal Carey


*Erica Kane
*J.R. Chandler
*Dixie Cooney Martin
*Sydney Harris
*Colby Chandler
*Stuart Chandler
*Janet Dillon


*Lee Hawkins
*Brooke English
*Liza Colby
*Tad Martin
*Jamie Martin
*Krystal Carey
*Palmer Cortlandt
*J.R. Chandler
*Babe Carey
*Amanda Dillon
*Joe Martin
*Di Henry
*Del Henry
*Zach Slater
*Hannah Nichols

Crimes and misdeeds committed

Maladies and hospitalizations


Further reading

*cite book | author = Jennifer Hayward | title = [ Consuming Pleasures: Active Audiences and Serial Fictions from Dickens to ...] | id = ISBN 081312025X | publisher = University Press of Kentucky | year = 1997 |pages = 232

*cite book | author = Christopher Schemering | title = [ The Soap Opera Encyclopedia] | id = ISBN 0345324595 | publisher = Ballantine Books | year = 1985 |pages =

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