1763 in Canada


* 1763-1820 The Conquest: French defeated. British take over and successfully expand fur trade from Montreal (North West Company). Lots of money invested in Montreal.
* 1763-64 - Pontiac's Rebellion threatens British control of the Great Lakes region before being put down.
* 1763-66: Pontiac's Rebellion, an American Indian revolt, is suppressed by the English in Canada. Ottawa Chief Pontiac (c. 1720-1769) leads an Indian uprising but the British defeat the Indians.
* Thursday February 10 - By the treaty of Paris, France cedes to Britain, Canada and all the Laurentian Islands, except St. Pierre and Miquelon.
* April 11 - Britain allows Canadians the free exercise of their religion.
* December 7 - Canadians are required to swear fealty.
* Proclamation by King George III bans settlements west of the Appalachians and establishes a protected Indian Country there. White settlers ignore the boundary line - Indian raids in Pennsylvania lead to the Paxton Riots - Peaceful Conestoga Mission Indians are massacred by settlers.
* Pontiac fails to take Detroit, because of informers alerting the English to his plans; as winter approaches, his army of Indians lost faith in victory, and returned to their homes. Aware that England and France had ended both their European and American wars, Pontiac tried to start a second uprising, later counseled peace, and was killed in 1769 in Illinois by a Peoria Indian who was probably an assassin hired by the English.
* The prophetic say that the acquisition of Canada will cost England her colonies. "No longer requiring protection, they will be asked to support burdens, which their necessities have brought upon the mother country, and will answer by striking off all dependence."
*Royal Proclamation "Act" was signed in 1763

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