Fast Sealift Ship

Fast Sealift Ships are currently the fastest cargo ships in the world, capable of speeds in excess of convert|30|kn|km/h|0. Originally built in 1972 and 1973 as high-speed container ships for Sea-Land Services, Inc., the ships' high operating costs limited their profitability. All eight ships were acquired by the US Navy in 1981 and 1982, with the last ship converted, recommissioned and delivered to Military Sealift Command in 1986. The conversion entailed the installation of four cranes, addition of roll on/roll off capability and a redesign of the cargo hold to better facilitate storage of vehicles. Due largely to their high cost of operation, all fast sealift ships are kept in Reduced Operating Status, but can be activated and ready to sail in 96 hours.


All eight ships took part in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, delivering thirteen percent of all the cargo transported between the United States and Saudi Arabia during and after the Persian Gulf War. Fast sealift ships have taken part in Operations Restore Hope, Joint Guardian, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in addition to humanitarian relief efforts across the globe.

Fast Sealift Ships

* USNS "Algol" (T-AKR-287) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Exchange")
* USNS "Bellatrix" (T-AKR-288) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Trade")
* USNS "Denebola" (T-AKR-289) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Resource")
* USNS "Pollux" (T-AKR-290) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Market")
* USNS "Altair" (T-AKR-291) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Finance")
* USNS "Regulus" (T-AKR-292) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Commerce")
* USNS "Capella" (T-AKR-293) (formerly MV "Sea-Land McLean")
* USNS "Antares" (T-AKR-294) (formerly MV "Sea-Land Galloway")

Popular Culture

The naval-action book series "Dark Pacific" by David E. Meadows features the Fast Sealift Ships. They are converted into a single Naval platform called "SeaBase".

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* [ Military Sealift Command fact sheet] .

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