Yiorgos Depollas

Yiorgos Depollas (Greek photographer, born Athens 1947).

Yiorgos Depollas is one of the main figures of the New Greek Photography movement which promote creative photography in his native country during the 1980s and 1990s, and he remains a highly influential presence. He has been active in both creative and professional photography since 1975, and has often exhibited both in Greece and abroad, including Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the USA and other countries. He was one of the five founders of the Photography Centre of Athens (PCA) in 1979; the PCA was the first Greek institution devoted to creative photography, and as such a seminal focus for photographers of next generations.

In 2003, Yiorgos Depollas was awarded the first Milos/Photography Encounters of Kythera award for the best Greek photographic book of the year for his monograph "On the Beach".

Alternative spellings: Giorgos Depollas, George Depollas.


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