Latin names of lakes

Latin names of lakes

Users of Neo-Latin have taken the Latin language to places the Romans never went; hence a need arose to make Latin names of lakes that did not exist when Latin was a living language.

trategies for constructing Latin names

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List of names

LatinEnglish Name, [(other name(s))] or [older name(s)] , [province] , [state]
Lacus SebinusLake Iseo
Lacus BenacusLake Garda
Lacus AlbanusLake of Albano
Lacus LemanusLake Geneva
Lacus CeresiusLake Lugano
Lacus VerbanusLake Maggiore
Lacus BodamicusLake Constance
Lacus DigitarumFinger Lakes, New York
Lacus EriarumLake Erie in the Great Lakes
Lacus HuronorumLake Huron in the Great Lakes
Lacus MagniGreat Lakes
Lacus OntarioLake Ontario in the Great Lakes
Lacus Slavus MajorGreat Slave Lake, NWT
Lacus SuperiorLake Superior in the Great Lakes
Lacus Ursa MajorGreat Bear Lake, NWT
VinnipegosisLake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

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