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HIM International Music (zh-tsp|t=華研國際音樂股份有限公司|s=华研国际音乐股份有限公司|p=Huá Yán Guójì Yīnyuè Gǔfēnyǒuxiàngōngsī) is a Taiwanese record label that was established in 1999.


HIM International Music started off as two different labels, Grand Music and Tiger Music. Grand Music had a number of successful artists. Yuan Wei-jen released his first album under Grand Music, and earned a nomination for Best Mandarin Male Performer at the 12th Golden Melody Awards. [zh icon [http://goldenmelody.ettoday.com/events/golden/roster01.htm 中華民國九十年(第十二屆)金曲獎完整入圍名單] 2001. Retrieved May 3, 2008.] A while after the nomination, Yuan put his solo career on hiatus, and master produced albums for HIM International artists until 2004. After promotions for their compilation album ended in 2000, Power Station joined Grand Music. [zh icon "Discography". [http://news.xinhuanet.com/audio/2004-10/29/content_2154381.htm Power Station profile] . Retrieved May 3, 2008.] In August, Grand Music held a Universal Talent and Beauty Contest to search for new talent. The finals were televised on China Television's "TV Citizen"; the winner was Jen Chia-Hsüan. Grand Music eventually selected finalists Chen Chia-Hwa and Tien Fu-Chen as well,zh icon Sina.com. [http://ent.sina.com.cn/p/2004-09-14/1811504083.html S.H.E's Life Story, Part 2: The Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest] . September 14, 2007. Retrieved February 13, 2007.] putting the three girls into a group called S.H.E. On October 1, 2000, Grand Music underwent a name change and became known as HIM International Music.zh icon Audiovisual Music Copyright Owner Association (AMCO). [http://www.amco.org.tw/docs/HIM_M.xls 華研(HIM)] . Retrieved May 3, 2008.] On May 16, 2002, Tiger Music became HIM Music Publishing, which, to this day, operates under HIM International Music.



* Power Station (Yu Chu Hsin, Yen Chih Lin): 2000–present
* S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella): 2001–present
* Tank: 2005–present
* Fahrenheit (Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Wu Zun, Aaron Yan): 2005–present
* JerryC: 2006–present
* Stars Reunion (Yoga Lin, Peter Pan, Judy Chou, Stanly Xu): 2007–present
* Liu Li Yang: 2008–present


* Z-Chen: 2002-2006
* JS: 2004-2006
* Ah Sang: 2003-2006
* Kaira Gong: 2005–2007

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