Iraj Afshar

Iraj Afshar (born 1925 in Tehran) (PerB|ایرج افشار) is a notable Iranian literary figure, scholar of Persian literature, bibliographer, historian, cultural theorist and world-class Iranologist. He is a consulting editor of Encyclopedia Iranica at Columbia University and full professor emeritus of Tehran University.

Iraj Afshar recorded the monuments of Yazd in his three volumes "Yadegar haye Yazd". [] He is known as "the doyen of Iranian Persian language bibliographers". Afshar played a significant role in the development of the field of Iranology in Iran and throughout the world during the second half of the 20th century. He was the editor of "Sokhan", a prolific Iranology journal, under the responsibility of Parviz Natel-Khanlari and also the editor of "Rahnamyee-Ketab", "Meher", "Farhang-e Iranzamin" and "Ayandeh".

He was the chief bibliographer of Persian books at Harvard University. Afshar was associated with UNESCO and taught at the University of Bern and Tehran University.

He is on the advisory council for the Iranian Studies Journal.

Biographical timeline

*1925: Birth in Tehran, Iran (Father: Dr. Mahmoud Afshar, Mother: Nosrat Barazandeh)
*1933-1945: Attended Zorostien Shapour Secondary School and Firouz Bahram High School in Tajrish Tehran
*1944-1946: Manager Ayandeh Journal
*1945: Received Diploma in Literature
*1945: Marriage to Shayesteh Afsharieh
*1945-1949: Attended University of Tehran majoring in Law, thesis: Minorities in Iran
*1946-1955: Collaboration with Jahan-nu Journal (Editor in Chief: Housein Hejazi)
*1950: Employed by Ministry of Coulter and Education as educator at Sharif High School and Garib High School
*1951-1960: Librarian – Law Library of University of Tehran – With encouragement from Dr. Mohseen Sabah and Mohammad Tagi Danesh-Pajou
*1952-1953: Editor in Chief – Meher Journal (licensee: Majeed Movagar)
*1952: Continuing Founder and Managing Editor Farhang-e Iranzamin Journal (in association with Mohammad Tagi Danesh-Pajou, Manoucher Sotodeh, Mostafa Mogarabi, Abbas Zaryab Khoyee)
*1963-1966: Publication of “Ketab-hayee Iran” Books of Iran (Annual bibliography)
*1954-1956: Editor in Chief “Sokhan Journal” (licensee: Dr. Parviz Natel-Khanlari)
*1955-1961: Director “Ketab-hayee Maah” Journal - Book of the month Journal (Publication of Society of Publishers with cooperation of Franklin Publishing Corporation)
*1956-1963: Acting Managing Director “Bongah-e Tarjomeh va Nasher-e Ketab”
*1956-1957: Attended UNESCO Educational and practical Library Science training in Europe
*1957-1958: Co-founder “Book Club” later named “Anjoman-e Ketab” Book Society
*1958-1969: Educator Library Science at “Daneshsar Allee” Higher Education division of University of Tehran
*1958-1979: Managing Editor “Rahnam-e Ketab Journal” (licensee: Ehsan Yarshater)
*1958-1979: Director “Anjoman-e Ketab” Book Society
*1961-1979: Founder “Nashreieh Noskhehay-e Khatt-e” Central Library of University of Tehran Journal of Manuscripts (in collaboration with Mohammad Tagi Danesh-Pajou”
*1961-1962: Director “Daneshsara-e Allee” Library
*1962: Director National Library of Iran (founded Iranian Studies Branch – founded bibliography of Iran and indexing of library’s manuscripts with efforts of Abdolah Anvar)
*1962: Return to teaching at “Daneshsara-e Allee)
*1963-1964: Return to University of Tehran –Director of Center of Bibliographic research and indexing
*1963: Indexing and Cataloging Harvard University printed Persian books
*1963: Technical Manager Library sciences Literacy Committee (UNESCO National commission)
*1964-1971: Director Bureau of Publications and Cultural Relations (Later named Bureau of Publications and Library Relations)
*1965-1979: Director Central Library and Document Center University of Tehran
*1965-1973: Teaching Iran Historical Social Divisions “Daneshkadeh Olum Echtemaee” Department of Social Sciences University of Tehran
*1966-1979: Founded “Ketabdari” journal a publication of Tehran University Central Library
*1969: Director National Book Center interrelated to UNESCO National Commission
*1969-1979: Associate Professor later Professor of History (Historical documents and Native History) Department of Literature and Human Sciences University of Tehran. (Manuscripts in Library Science) College of Educational Sciences
*1969-1972: Director “Iran shenasi” Journal, Publication of Department of Literature and Human Sciences University of Tehran
*1969-1979: Permanent Director of Congress of Iranian Studies
*1979-1983: Established “Sazeman-e Ketab” (independently)
*1979-1993: Published “Ayandeh Journal” from 5th volume for fifteen years
*1983: Death of father (Mahmoud Afshar phd.)
*1984: Established “Namvarh-e Doctor Mahmoud Afshar” published by Doctor Mahmoud Afshar foundation. From 11th volume it was named “Pajouhesh-haye Irani”
*1989: Teaching at Bern University, Bern Switzerland
*1996: Death of spouse (Shayesteh Afsharieh)
*1998: Cataloging Persian manuscripts at Austrian National Library (Vienna)
*2001: Established “Daftar-e Tarikh” publishing small documents and thesis from Doctor Mahmoud Afshar Foundation


*1951: Society of Iranian Studies (President Ebrahim Pourdavoud and Secretary Dr. Mohammad Moien)
*1955-1978: Founding Member Iranian Society of Philosophy and Human Sciences affiliated with UNESCO national committee
*1958: Ministry of Foreign Relation’s Library Council
*1959: Committee to establish countrywide archiving representing UNESCO national committee
*1962: University of Tehran Central Library council
*1962: Executive Council “Institut of research in literature and Iranian languages council” (Ministry of Culture and Art)
*1964-1978: Board to select book (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Art)
*1965: Executive Board (Center for Research and introduction of Iranian Civilization and Culture)
*1965: Board of Founders Iranian Society of History of Science and Medicine
*1972-1976: Council of Tehran Public Libraries
*1972-1978: Book of the Year Award Committee
*1972-1976: Iran Librarian Society
*1974-1978: Executive Board “History Society” affiliated with “Language and Literature Cultural Center” Also the secretary of the Cultural Center
*1974: Board of Trusties “Mojtaba Minavi Endowment Library” and Shahnameh Foundation
*1976: Board of Trusties “Sayeed Mohammad-Ali Jamalzadeh Publish works” consigned to University of Tehran
*1977: Selected guardian “Mohammad Fateh Endowment Dormitory” University of Tehran
*1977-1978: Board of Trusties “Iran Cultural Foundation”
*1977-1978: Supreme Council of “Iran National Documents”
*1979-1982:Board of Founders National Monuments Society
*1979: Europe Iranian Studies Society
*1983: Council of Custodians Doctor Mahmud Afshar Foundation (Selected Custodian)
*1989: Honorary Member Institute of Central and West Asian Studies) Karachi
*1990: Board of Experts “Al-Furqan, Islamic Heritage Foundation”
*1993: Consulting Editor Encyclopaedia Iranica
*1993: Board of Trusties Dr. Ali-Akbar Siasi Endowment Library, University of Yazd
*1997: Honorary Member Society of Iranian Studies (U.S.A)
*1997: Supreme Council Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE)
*1998: Supreme Council National Library (Iran)
*2000: Council of experts “Nameh Baharestan” Journal of Manuscript Research and Studies
*2001: Council of Guardians Eurasian Studies Journal (Italy)

See also

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*Dastur al-Muluk

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