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show_name = Yin Yang Yo!

caption = Yin Yang Yo! logo
format = Animated Action/Comedy
runtime = approx. 22 minutes (per episode)
creator = Bob Boyle
starring = Scott McCord (Yang & Yuck)
Stephanie Morgenstern (Yin & Chung Pow Kitties)
Martin Roach (Master Yo)
David Hemblen (Night Master)
Jamie Watson (Carl & Zarnot)
Jonathan Wilson (Coop & Dave)
Damon Papadopoulos
Dwayne Hill
Tony Daniels (Ultimoose)
Linda Ballantyne (Saranoia)
Megan Fahlenbock
country = US CAN UK
network = Toon Disney's Jetix
first_aired = August 26, 2006 (sneak peek) September 4, 2006
last_aired= Present
num_episodes = 55
list_episodes = List of Yin Yang Yo! episodes
website = http://tv.disney.go.com/jetix/yinyangyo
imdb_id = 0855673
tv_com_id = 63238

"Yin Yang Yo!" is an animated television series distributed by Walt Disney Television Animation and created by Bob Boyle (also the creator of Nick Jr. series "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!"). It is produced in Burbank, California and Toronto, Canada. It is the third Jetix-original show. It premiered on September 4, 2006 on Jetix with a sneak peek airing on August 26, 2006. It debuted on Jetix UK on February 5, 2007 after a sneak peek preview on January 27, 2007. It made its Canadian television premiere on Family Channel on March 25, 2006. It stars two rabbits named Yin and Yang, and their panda master named Master Yo. The series' second season premiered on December 31, 2007.

The theme song for "Yin Yang Yo!" is sung by Cory In The House's Kyle Massey ["Deja Foo", Closing Credits, 2008]

Origin & Production

quote|"That idea came from a trip my wife and I made to Little Tokyo (in Los Angeles). I saw a little girl wearing a shirt that said 'Samurai in Training.' I thought that's cute, and then that a tiny samurai would be not only funny, but hilarious!! and then went to 'what is the cutest' animal and thought of a fluffy little bunny and it took off from there. Always hearing from folks in pitches that an idea didn't have enough boy appeal, or enough girl appeal, I thought why not do both. Have equal characters, or equal importance, boy and girl. Then give them that sibling rivalry."|Bob Boyle, creator of Yin Yang Yo! [] Yo was added a bit later on. Thus the concept for Yin Yang Yo! was created. Before "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" was even pitched, Bob was working on the pilot [for Yin Yang Yo!] at Disney. The show are green-lighted for a series months later. With help from Steve Marmel (who is now co-executive producer), Boyle was able to develop the series.

The series is similar to other shows Bob has worked on, such as "Danny Phantom", due to the age group the show is aimed at. [] Yo! is pretty different from Wubbzy, in that the tone is more dark and mysterious. It was somewhat "easy" to work on, due to having worked on shows with a similar style. []

Pre-production and recording take place in Canada, to help keep in budget with Disney's guidelines. Animation is also done in Adobe Flash. At Disney, scripts, key designs, new character designs, backgrounds and preliminary color designs done with a small team of people. This is sent over to Canada where storyboarding, final designs, and animation is done. Completed storyboards are sent back, where they are revised by the crew (and Bob) in Burbank. Bob stated that "...So there was not an army of people to over see. At "Wubbzy", if you are gone a day, all sorts of stuff gets tangled. But on Yo, it just runs smoothly along in Canada." []


This show is about two anthropomorphic rabbit twins named Yin and Yang that train under Master Yo, a grumpy old panda. They learn the sacred art of Woo Foo, a special type of martial arts that involves might and magic. They must work together to save the world from evil villains and forces that want to destroy, corrupt, or take it over. But through all these adventures, Yin and Yang still portray typical siblings; sometimes disagreeing with each other, but still care about each other and working together needed.

During the first season, the primary goal was to defeat the Night Master, a powerful enemy. During the current, ongoing second season, Steve Marmel stated that there are four story lines. The first one is the crowning (and eventual defeating) of a new Night Master (or Mistress), which might probably be Carl as he is in the center of villains in the opening sequence, replacing the Night Master. The second is Yang's own quest to find powerful mystic artifacts by some later-revealed-to-be villains: the four evil heads who he thinks are the masters of Woo Foo.


The town's buildings has Asian style. The residents are monsters, humanoids, robots and animals with human like qualities and behavior. The residents keep unusual pets like puppygriffs, a creature, half puppy, half griffin, As well as real animals like dogs, cats, opossums or armadillos. Their style is like today's century, skateboards, computers, and TV. Smoke and Mirrors keep all kinds of creatures in strange cubes, like Pokéballs. Magic and Martial arts still exist since ancient times when the Night Masters were around.


Season 1 has been completed with 26 episodes, including the three parts to Woofoogeddon. Season 2 premiered on January 1, 2008 with currently 11 episodes aired as of April 24, 2008.Fact|date=September 2007 Steve Marmel stated on Toonzone and TV.com that the second season will have 39 episodes. Canada is currently in their 5th Season. []


Main characters

* Yang (voiced by Scott McCord): Yang is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Yin Yang Yo!. He is a blue, male rabbit and the older brother of Yin(even though most of us think they're twins). He mostly uses the Martial Arts side of Woo Foo, but he can also use the Mystic side of Woo Foo. Yang is a naive, lucky, courageuos, character, yet has a liking for clowns. He, despite not usually showing it, really cares about his sister's and Master Yo's well-being. He enjoys fighting, and likes hitting stuff. His "catch phrase" is "You suck!", "This so totally sucks.", and "This is suckish.". He also cares about saving the world. He enjoys video games, likes motorcycles, and also telling jokes. In the current season, he has decided to be a nicer person. Even though he often acts foolish, he is actually more intelligent than he makes out to be but is terrible at mathematics. Yang also sometimes thinks about what is best to use against an enemy before leaping into action. Unlike Yin and Yo, he has not yet turned evil for a short time. A group of spirits claiming to "Woo Foo elders" had guided Yang on a quest to find magical items but it turned out to be a trap to free Eradicus from his eternal prison but Yin, Yang and Yo were able to defeat him.
* Yin (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern)Yin is often described as intelligent, cute, and sassy. She mostly uses with the Mystic side of Woo Foo, but she can also use the Martial Arts side of Woo Foo. She is often quite stubborn, and shows signs of being a "neat freak". Yin generally has a good sense of right and wrong, and usually does the right thing. It has been shown, mostly in the current season two, that she likes "bad boys", but she has said it was just a phase. She is also a shopaholic. She can also be vain and self-centered at times and not being that nice at all, and really likes evil guys. In the episode "Night Fall", upon discovering Coop was working for the Night Master, gained an attraction to him. It was because of this personality trait that temporarily became evil through Coop's influence, and went on a rampage across town with him to prove that she was evil enough to be the Night Mistress (with him as the Night Master). She would also kill her brother just to get that title. It's unknown, whether something like that can repeat.
* Master Yo (voiced by Martin Roach)Yo is a grumpy old panda whose age is unknown (but he missed his 117th high school reunion). Yo has great sage wisdom and is a master in the Woo Foo arts. Master Yo mentors Ying and Yang in the Woo Foo way to save the world, but it wasn't his choice. The spirits of past Woo Foo warriors stopped him from watching a movie called "Who Stole the Cookie" until he decided to do it. He's able to use both might and magic and has moves that Yin and Yang have no clue about. His moves include Yo-cinerate, Foo-portate, Woo-Foo Aura, Marbalize, Paws of Power, Foo-Pie, Foo-pliclate, and De-Puslify. In the episode "Turnabout", he was made into a three year old, and was able to use Woo Foo Aura and Woo Foo Lightning. This shows that he was very good at Woo Foo at a young age. He once was able to defeat the ultimate evil, the Night Master. He is, in his own words; the last panda on the planet. Not many people believe that.


* Lina (voiced by Novie Edwards): An aqua-green female bear. Yang's eternal love and Yin's best friend. She is an intelligent, pretty, yet short-tempered farm girl. She was first introduced in "Beetlemania" where Yang lied about being a Woo Foo Warrior to impress her, but his plan backfired after he had to fight a giant steel beetle. Yin was able to get Yang to tell the truth. In "The Yin of Yang", she shows slight feelings for Yang after he tried to act like Yin in order to impress her. In "Smoke and Mirrors", she actually tried to pursue him, though she was constantly interrupted by Yin and Yang. She lives on a farm with her father. A running gag is that Lina doesn't look like a bear or has any bear-like characteristics, unlike her father. As of "Gone-A-Fowl", she and Yang exchange their secret feelings for each other and begin pursuing a relationship. She is very saucy, often unafraid to state her opinion, and even talks back to her father.

* Roger Junior (voiced by Dwayne Hill): Logically the son of Yin and Yang's part-time enemy, Roger the Skelewog. At first, Roger Jr. was a bully to Yin and Yang, having mock fights with Yang and teasing him and Yin, but, during Woofoogeddon, it was revealed he longed to be Yang's best friend. Roger Jr., being a monster, has displayed super strength, such as when he easily took a whole group of the Night Master's soldiers just by running by them with his arms. He can also breathe fire and launch spikes from his arms. In Season 2, he ends ultimately becomes friends with Yin, Yang and Lina. In some episodes of season 1 he had a horn sticking out of his head or a skeletal tail similar to his father but they disappeared.

* Dave (voiced by Jonathan Wilson): A magical talking tree stump, Dave is a low-life and is considered pathetic by his friends. Many times, Dave is often caught in the crossfire of battles or hurt in some way by friend and/or foe. He is also whiny, talks nonstop about school, and is never noticed. As discovered in "Stuck", Dave has the ability to communicate with and manipulate plants. This apparently surpasses that of the other characters.

* Melodia (voiced by Megan Fahlenbock): A yellow-green aardvark who is the princess of the Stink Aardvarks. She is in love with Yang for his filthy ways, and despises all things clean. Despite this, she and Yin respect each other's differences. When the Woo Foo Warriors need some help, she will call on the stink aardvark's army to assist them.

* Jobeaux: A Redneckistanian practicing Woo Foo, while being disliked by his teachers, Yin and Yang, as a stupid, smelly hick. However, when he finally gets the time to clean himself up, he reveals himself to be a smart, well-groomed young man. After defeating the Chung Pow Kitties, Beaux reveals his knowledge of Yin and Yang's disrespect and returns home to marry and live in a castle of diamond-encrusted grits (which Yin was fantasizing about before they met). He has a pet armadillo named Fuzzy Thunder that hides in his mouth, giving him a hick accent. He can use Foo Field, Energy Rays, Foo Orbs, and Levitation.

* Wooda: A past panda Woo Foo master. He was partnered with his cousin, Shooda. Due to his rivalry with Shooda, the two were apparently defeated by the Invisigogs. He and Shooda's names are a joke on "would'a and should'a", as joked by Yang. Yang also jokes about their non-existent cousin, "could'a".

* Shooda: A past panda Woo Foo master. She was partnered with her cousin, Wooda. Due to her rivalry with Wooda, the two were appearntly defeated by the Invisigogs. She and Wooda's names are a joke on "would'a and should'a", as joke by Yang.

* Chai: A past tiger Woo Foo master. He was partnered with Ti. Due to his rivalry with Ti, the two were defeated by Heriditous. Their names are a pun on "Chai Tea".

* Ti: A past tiger Woo Foo master. She was partnered with Chai. Due to her rivalry with Chai, the two were defeated by Heriditous.


* Night Master (voiced by David Hemblen): Billed as a "Dark Overlord In An Evil Class All By Himself", the Night Master is a very powerful and dangerous foe who was responsible for the near extinction of Woo Foo by eliminating all of the Woo Foo knights except for Master Yo. The Sensei managed to turn Night Master's army to stone and sent him into hiding for a hundred years until he tricked Yin and Yang into using Woo Foo in order to free his army. The Night Master appears to be a demonic sorcerer bat of some description and has a liking for gothically ostentatious outfits. He frequently communicates with his lackeys by using a hologram. He was banished to a dark realm by Coop in the season one finale, but it is said a new Night Master will soon rise to take his place. Night Master's appearance is obviously similar to Aku of Samurai Jack fame. He is considered to be the actual main villain throughout the series, even though Carl appeared in most of the episodes, while many think that Carl was the main villain since the first season. As revealed in "The Pecking Order", he is one of an eternal line of Night Masters alongside Eradicus and an unnamed cobra-like woman. His real name (since "Night Master" is a title) has not yet been revealed. Ever since his defeat, the other villains have been developing their evil in an attempt to become the new Night Master. Utimoose temporarily succeeded in doing so after he found the Amnisulet, but was defeated by Yang and stripped of the title. His lair was still standing after his defeat and many tried in vain to break into it, but only Coop has access to the lair since he absorbed the Night Master's energy. In "Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow", his lair was destroyed after the defeat of Eradicus.
** Flayviour (voiced by David Berm): The fashion obsessed minion to the Night Master. His solo debut was in "Party Favors" when he teams up with G.P. and Charles to crash Coop's "Welcome Back and Thanks For Saving Everyone From Evil By Banishing The Night Master All By Yourself" party to enter The Night Master's lair with Coop's spare key until betrayed by G.P. after becoming Frped.
** Grizzleflavin (voiced by Jonathan Wilson): A gargoyle head who guards The Night Master's lair and seems to have the ability to tell if someone is evil enough to enter. He apparently knows Kraggler. In "Gone-A-Fowl" it is revealed that he knows about "The Dark Tomorrow", which he described to Coop as "dumb Woo Foo name for something", and that "it'll be awesome." He is no longer active after the Night Master's castle caved in.
** Dank & Dire (voiced by Damon Papadopoulos): Two shadow creatures that bicker constantly. They are under the employ of the Night Master. After the Night Master was eliminated, they popped up at the Villain picnic.

* Eradicus (voiced by Jonathan Wilson): A mighty Gryphon who is bent on destroying Woo Foo. He appears as the final boss in the online game "Dangerous Comic Book of Dread". Some sources refer to him as Herditious. After his demise (of unknown cause), other beings of evil took on the legacy he started including an unknown snake lady and the bat-creature Yin & Yang faced in season 1. His deceased minions posed as the ghosts of the Woo Foo Elders to manipulate Yang into collecting the items of power needed to revive him. Tricking Yang into the items into the Night Master's fireplace, Eradicus was instantly resurrected (however the items Yang collected gave him the initially appearance of a clown, but he shape-shifted into a more sinister form) Upon his revival, Eradicus revived his minions and started the Dark Tomorrow (turning everyone good evil and everyone evil good). With the combined abilities of Yin, Yang (empowered with the items given to him by the League of Evil), and Yo, Eradicus was defeated and the Dark Tomorrow was reversed. Despite the destruction of the Night Master's lair during the battle, Eradicus was revealed to still be alive in "The Howl Of The Weenie", where he still plans the destuction of the Woo Foo.
** Ella Mental - A female villain who can read minds. Her name is a play on "elemental."
** Indestructobowl - A villain who has nearly impenetrable armor and can bowl over nearly anyone. His name is a play on "indestructible."
** Rubber Chucky - A villain who can stretch himself into any shape and any direction.
** Mel Licular - A villain who can shapeshift and regenerate his limbs. His name is a play on "molecular."

* Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard (voiced by Jamie Watson): Carl, the Evil Cockroach Wizard (who tends to shout out his name as much as possible and always wants to be called Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard), continuously schemes to defeat Yin, Yang, Master Yo and the power of the Woo Foo with his insecure genius. He also lives with his overbearing mother Edna, who is a dragon (it makes no sense as to how they are all related). Carl is always trying to find a way to impress his mother and out-do his brother Herman. Despite his desire to win his mother's love, Carl is resentful and has talked back (usually under his breath), made her cry, and even put a spell on her. And yet, he has been accused of being a mama's boy (obviously by someone who doesn't know him "at all"). Even though Carl and Herman dislike one another, they have worked together on occasion, making a deadly force against Yin and Yang. His dream was to become so enormous that he would blot out the sun, an idea that Herman and the Night Master stole. He eventually saw someone and got over it. Carl is an anti-thesis to Yin's magical ability and Yang's goofiness. Carl is stronger then Yin and Yang in power, but if someone criticizes him, he's easily distracted. It is revealed in "Yin Yang Carl" that he could defeat Herman in a fight, if only he used his magic, calling into question why he never has (Yo was in Carl's body, fighting with Carl's powers). Because in the past he has shown desire to get along with Herman ("Dojo Alone" and "Family Day"), it could be because he loves his brother. He has an ad on a dating site.

* Brother Herman (voice by David Berm): Carl's black hearted, sadistic, selfish and evil ant brother, Herman, is a tyrannical ant warrior who rules his kingdom with an iron fist, a diabolical mind, and impeccable table manners. He is also quite the mama's boy. He attempted to take over the world until Master Yo stopped him. Since Herman is allergic to panda fur, he can't take over the world as long as Master Yo is around. He is a college graduate and has a master's degree in pain. It's implied throughout the series that Herman is older than Carl. When he speaks, his voice sounds similar to Gordon Quid from Catscratch, even having something of a Scottish accent. Herman is the anti-thesis to Yang's mighty fighting skills and strength and Yin's brains. Despite Carl's latent desire to get along with him, Herman seems to harbor no love for his brother at all.
** Charles: He is the obedient second-in-command of Brother Herman. His serial number is 8 and he likes long walks on the beach as revealed in "Dictator of the Year". His first solo debut is in "Party Favors", when he teams up with G.P. and Flavior to crash Coop's "Welcome Back and Thanks For Saving Everyone From Evil By Banishing The Night Master All By Yourself" party and enter The Night Master's lair with Coop's spare key until betrayed by G.P. after becoming Fr-ped. He is scared of Yang because he always tries to burn him.

* Saranoia (voiced by Linda Ballantyne): With an outfit & magic wand for every occasion, Saranoia is a powerful sorceress and mistress of disguise. Deeply sexist and obsessed with female rights, she is determined to free Yin from studying Woo Foo and take in as her disciple. She had a terrible childhood and always thinks men are like her lazy brother Mark and her boy-favoring wizard father, who she mistakes Yo as, just as she mistakes Yang for Mark. She was condemned to an insane asylum from "The Truth Hurts" to "A Bad Case of the Buglies". At this point, she's given up being an evil wizard, has had plastic surgery, and is the spoke person for "Repulsix". When Saranoia takes one of her wands, she takes on a set of characteristics and must abide by the rules of the wand, even if it's against her own will. Unlike the other villains on the show, Saranoia is not pure evil, but she is comically psychotic. She appeared in "Deja Foo", attending the super villains picnic with her surgeries removed and uses weaponry, as opposed to wizardtry.
** G.P. (Fr-ped) (voiced by Damon Papadopoulos): Gnome flunky to Saranoia. He dislikes his superior, who's insanity he levels. His shapeshifting abilities allow him to blend in with Saranoia's forms. His solo, dark, and aggressive side's debut is in "Party Favors" when he teams up with Flavior and Charles for his own personal gain of crashing Coop's "Welcome Back and Thanks For Saving Everyone From Evil By Banishing The Night Master All By Yourself" party to enter The Night Master's lair with Coop's spare key. The key breaks, filling G.P. with an enormous amount of evil energy, but not enough to become the new Night Master. He appears in "Deja Foo", attending the super villains picnic with his original form that still possesses his evil personality and powers. In "Touchy Feelings", he began questioning wrether he was good or evil until declaring himself evil until tainted by Yang's love emotion, leaving him to question his status once again. At this point, G.P. renames himself Fr-ped, standing for Frightenengly Really Powerful EnragedDoombringer, pronouncing it Fred stating the "P" is silent while other characters refer to him as his name's spelling. His mannerism resembles Norm Macdonald's randition of Burt Reynolds. His tentative name was Kerlian.

* Ultimoose: (voiced by Tony Daniels): Ultimoose is the ultimate Night Master lackey: tough as nails, a master at Moose fighting, and really, really dumb, despite his shortness and strong antlers. He seems to offer work under the Night Master but is merely a dim-witted pawn. He employs the use of his battle cry "HOOH! HAH! HOOH!" usually followed by his antlers shooting out flame in the shape of a square with his name written in flames and is soon defeated by Master Yo and fails to work for the Night Master. Also as an insult, he likes to call people little girls or ladies. He tends to refer to himself in the third person. His outfit and hairstyle are similar to that of the Marvel Comics superhero Wonder Man. He became the new Night Master in "Deja Foo", calling himself the Night Mooster. He became regular Ultimoose again after Yang reversed time, found the Amnesulet first, and was aided by the other villains to defeat him.

* Kraggler (voiced by Tony Daniels): A gargoyle who is about a "bazillion" years old, Kraggler used to be a great and powerful warrior and Master Yo's arch enemy. Reduced to a feeble old man, after he broke the time traveling hour glass he got the power to drain the youth from anything, or give his age to anything. Kraggler is more of a threat and evil when he is young so he needs to write his plans down in case he reverts to his original age. His appearance is also similar to a gargoyle, though for some reason his older version has no legs. This could be because they where broken off, as he is made of stone.

* Fastidious (voiced by Mark Bowen): A small hamster with a cultured British accent, obsessed with cleanliness and world domination. He is nearly always seen inside a hamsterball that serves as the control center for his robots, mainly his Hamsterbot. He has a habit of drastically increasing his pitch whenever exclaiming certain words, such as "Activate!!". He seems to be a certified attorney.

* Zarnot (voiced by Jamie Watson): Once Yang's favorite toy, Zarnot is an evil action figure brought to life by the Lie Fairy. Due to his common failure, Zarnot was forced into a hated toy box by the Night Master. With the Night Master defeated, Zarnot's status was unknown until "Deja Foo".

* Yuck (voiced by Scott McCord): Yuck, a turquoise-green rabbit with terrible hygiene, is an entity formed from Yin's obsession with control and Yang's aggression. As a disgusting, mutant rabbit, Yuck wants more than anything in the world to be the greatest, most powerful Woo Foo Knight of all time. After he lost his physical form, he was found by the Night Master who built him a robot suit with hands that absorb Woo Foo so he could become real. He dated Yin in disguise and eventually absorbed enough energy to regain his physical form, becoming his own individual being. The rabbit duo defeated him but it's most likely he'll be back. Yuck has shown himself to be quite intelligent in his convoluted schemes to Yin and Yang. In terms of fighting ability he appears to be as formidable as Yin and Yang put together, being able to take on Yo himself. After a mission into Yo to get an ancient Woo Foo weapon, Yin and Yang break his shrink belt and he shrinks uncontrollably to the point where he is no longer visible. However, he returns a Level 2 Woo Foo Knight when the 2 copies of Yin and Yang copies misuse their fooplication charm. He is a Level 2 Woo Foo Knight due to Yin and Yang's title of Level 1 Woo Foo Knights. He can use the same moves as both Yin and Yang, but his favorite move seems to be his own move, Yuck-icane. Using the charm, Yuck created an army of Yin and Yang fooplicates. When Yin destroys the charm to erase the fooplicates, Yuck absorbs their power and becomes Master Yo's level if not more. Unfortunately for Yuck, he also develops a bad case of the hiccups which leaves him unable to control his new powers. He appears to have the power to possess people now as well, as he possessed the Headmaster of 'Camp Magic-Pants'. He later returned, cleaned up and trying to be good, saying that a mysterious monk reformed him (by beating him up). His actions were truly noble until the acts of Yin and Yang, who still didn't trust him, prompted Yuck to return to being evil, as he believed Yin and Yang to want all their worst qualities on display to make them look good.

* Chung Pow Kitties (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern): At first glance, the Chung Pow Kitties (CPK) seem like a rock band of endearing white kittens with pink, purple, and green dresses (a parody of the Powerpuff Girls and Hello Kitty), but in reality, they are ruthless ninjas with ultra-sharp weapons (with the exception of the green-clad cat's nunchukus). However, once they see a ball of yarn or a dish of cat food - even in battle - they instantly revert to adorable balls of fur. They are also world famous as rock stars and stage actors, even though all they say is "meow." Yang was once their biggest fan, but the CPK betrayed him by stealing the Woo Foo weapons and they have been bitter rivals ever since. As of "Foreign Exchange Problem", they possess energy powers that give them the ability to merge into an aura. Like Yang, the Chung Pow Kitties love to play video games. After Yin and Yang tricked them into breaking up, they each formed different groups until Ying and Yang got them back together. After Yin accidentally revealed her and Yang's plan that broke up the Chung Pow Kitties, the fans became enraged and the Chung Pow Kitties merged into their aura and actually won for the first time.

* Pondscüm (voiced by Jonathan Wilson): A street, Swedish, fish inside a robot suit. He is obsessed with "bling-bling", and will get it at all costs. However, he truly carries a Swedish accent. He is usually accompanied by his female henchmen, the "Blixens". He reappears in "League of Evil" as a member of the league. Also he makes good steaks as found in the Evil Villains Picnic in "Deja Foo". In "Fighting Fooberty", he was revealed to actually be a golden pollywog. Later in the same episode, he underwent a botched nose job that gave him an elephant trunk. At the end of the episode, he returned to his robot suit (after having being kicked out of it by Ying and Yang) in a new terranium. In "Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow" he was apparently a goldfish again.
** The Blixens: Two female androids that can surround themselves in golden armor that work for Pondscum, only to quit when they learned he was a tadpole. They rejoined him amd gave him a new terrarium for his robot suit.

* Smoke (voiced by Linda Ballantyne): A hyper-active female who was, supposedly, Yang's girlfriend. It turns out she was using him to fight against her brother, who in turn, captures Yin to fight against Smoke. Yin and Yang eventually capture the two into Smoke's Prison Prism. She reappears in "League of Evil" as a member of the league alongside Carl, Pondscüm, and The Puffin. This episode reveals her interests in serenity trances and bathroom tidyness. The following episode, "Stuck" reveals her individual main villain debut. Her Prison Prisms seem to be a parody of Poké-balls, found in the Pokémon series.Her wepon of choice is a gigantic sword that highly resebles the buster sword used by Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII. Her style and choice of clothing parodies Sailor Moon. She also seems to talk really fast and out of sync with her lip movements, further parodying Japanese animation.Or|date=January 2008
** Fish-Tie-Star-Trousers: Smoke's star fish Forever Friend from "Stuck". When called into battle, he enlarges, becomes monstrous, and is equipped with a buzzsaw fighting style. His name is a parody on Spongebob Squarepants.
** Blubber-Poo: Smoke's seal Forever Friend from "Stuck". When called into battle, he takes on the form of a horned-walrus.
** Carmen (David Hemblen): Smoke's smoke entity Forever Friend from "Stuck". Though his real name is Carmen, he is commonly mistaken for Smoke-achi.

* Mirrors (voiced by Jonathan Wilson): Smoke's rivaled brother. When Smoke uses Yang in the tournament, Mirrors obtains Yin to fight her. Yin and Yang managed to use one of the Forever Friend Prisms to imprison Smoke and Mirrors. Mirrors' hairstyle resembles the hairstyle of Goku from "Dragon Ball Z". He appears to speak in a way mocking most anime, by stopping and starting at odd intervals. He and his sister's names are a play on words of the phrase "Smoke and Mirrors." He resembles 666 from the anime movie Dead Leaves.

* Mastermind (voiced by Peter Crugo): An evil mittens-wearing wizard who was a big threat years ago. Now he's just a brain looking for a body to regain his reign of evil. He tried to take over Yang's body, but was eventually defeated. He later returns where he casts a spell to fuse Yang and Carl together until they cooperate.

* Badfoot: A purple horse who was known as the enemy that Master Yo couldn't beat. He is supported by his horn section, he dresses like James Brown, and used to carry with him a power item called the Lick-n-Stick. Once a year every year, he come into the city to drain Woo Foo out of Master Yo. When Yin and Yang "fought the funk (even though they had to use it their way)", they managed to aid Master Yo in defeating Badfoot at last, claiming the Lick-n-Stick in the process.

* The Manotuar: A half-man with hairy hooves, but all man (If you count collecting comic books and action figures manly). He is a large man with a bald head who dresses like a city man. His plan was to kidnap all the Two-ni-corns and to shave off all their hair to make a large wig to cover up his really smooth, bald head to get a date with The Womanotaur. When Yin and Yang reach his lair, it's really his house in a cul-de-sac, Yang uses Man Smash, learned from his comicbook hero, U-Dude, and frees the Two-ni-corns. It is revealed throughout the entire "episode" that he is the only character in the series with five-fingers (noted by his pinky wearing a Pinky Ring).

* The Puffin: A gentleman-dressed puffin. He first appeared where he, Carl, Smoke, and Pondscüm ended up sharing an apartment and formed the League of Evil. He is said to have more advantage in the rain which hasn't been demonstrated yet. His dressy appearance is based on The Penguin (and a similar parody of him), although characters in the show stop talking before the connection is made and before lawsuits can be filed.

* GreedCo CEO: A small, 90 year old devil. He hates all children, who he torments with Yang's advertising, until defeated by him.
** Shillshore: Public face of GreedCo. He hires Yang for advertisement. With Greedo's CEO defeated, Shillshore quits his job until crushed by the CEO's car that then explodes.

* Smorks: Small little green people they wear only pants and hats that are purple. They work in packs and once a week they can scratch off spores that become another smork. They each possess a different personality or trait, such as Mad Dog Smork, Sympathy-Inducing Smork and Boneless Smork. They are a parody of the well known Smurfs and Ork.

* Ranger Ron: A pig who holds a grudge against bears for what they did to them ranging from a bear becoming his supervisor, a bear "mauling him" in a movie theatre, and bears causing him to go into a 12 item checkout lane at the grocery store when he had 13 items. He manipulated Yin and Yang into becoming bear in his plot to discredit all bears. He was defeated by the combined powers of Yin, Yang, and the bears at the Bear Mitzvah.


* Edna: Carl and Herman's mother. Unlike her sons, she doesn't appear as a cockroach or an ant, but as a dragon. And a fire-breathing one at that. Edna seems to be always at wits-end with Carl, but she dotes on Herman. While Edna usually seems to at best not care for Carl, and at worst hate him, she has (very) occasionally been nice to him (even calling him "Honey" in "Too Much Yangformation"). She is aware of Carl's desire for her love, and has used it to get him to do things for her, as revealed in "An Inconvenient Tooth". She briefly dated Master Yo while under a spell Carl put on her. However, in "Yin Yang Carl", it is revealed that she still has a crush on him. Her (either dead or divorced) husband, Carl and Herman's father, has not yet been shown in the series.

* Coop (Jonathan Wilson): A nerdy chicken who appears to be scared of any threats and has a huge crush on Yin. But because she never returned any of his feelings, Coop joined the Night Master in exchange for the promise to have Yin when the world was taken over. He is a minor villain and he is seen with some of the other villains in the Yin, Yang, Yo intro in season 1. Coop gave the impression of incompetence, but in reality, he had powers and abilities rivaling Yin and Yang's. But in the end, Coop couldn't bring himself to go through with the Night Master's plans and held him in place so Yin and Yang could destroy him. However, like the Night Master, Coop disappeared as well, but returns in the "The Pecking Order". He was stripped of his Night Master energy that spread across the world, possessing all who ingest it until Coop absorbs a large amount of controlled evil, enough to make him a Night Master. He has the ability to create a glowing orange-yellow, bird shaped battle aura, which he dubs "Shadow Chicken". While using it, he is powerful enough to defeat even Master Yo. In "Gone-A-Fowl" he starts to lose control of his evil, causing him to become a buff, shades wearing, bad boy version of himself whenever he gets mad, reverting back to his dorky self when made happy. In this form, he gains the ability to infect others with his evil, causing them to become powered up evil versions of themselves, which he demonstrates on a squirrel (John M. Wellnuts), some people who were mocking him, and final: Yin. At first, he only changes when he is enraged, but eventually chooses to stay that way because Yin only likes him when he's a bad boy. He turns Yin evil because she'll only date him evil when she's evil. However, after Yin is returned to being good, she convinces him to get a hold of himself and he changes back, but scenes afterwards suggest that this isn't the last of Coop's evil side.

* The Lesson: The Lesson was once a great hero who stopped the two bad habits. When the two bad habits got loose again, The Lesson came to stop them, but the two bad habits explained to him that they had done nothing, and that people were just being lazy on their own. The Lesson then tried to rid people of their bad habits, but when they ignored him he tried to pound the lesson into them, literally. He is slightly evil, he just wants to get people to get rid of their bad habits. His powers include flight and the ability to turn his hands into hammers. He returned where his latest lesson has Yin, Yang, Lina, Melodia, and Dave trapped in a superhero-themed TV show.

* The Lie Fairy (voiced by Kathleen Laskey): A fairy like the Tooth Fairy, but, as Yang puts it, "but totally stupid". Appears whenever someone lies excessively like when Yin and Yang lied about Zarnot, she brought Zarnot to life to teach them a lesson. Was last seen at the dojo, saying what Yang wrote on his blog was a lie. She has a power called 'Lie Fairy Fists', which is so weak that it might take you a while to figure out you're being hit.

* CHAD/Woo-Foo Space-Galleon: A Woo-Foo spaceship that Yin programmed to act like a boyfriend. After he learned that Carl tried to destroy Yin and Yang, he dumped Yang into deep space, only for Yin to save him. When Yin and Yang rode in the Mother-Ship, CHAD was destroyed by one of the Mother-Ship's lasers.

* Terry Otter: A purple otter that is able to use magic. Yin fell in love with him until it was revealed that he worked for Yuck, but when Yuck takes control of the 'Magic-Pants Monster', Yuck stomps on him. His name, past, and some of his personality traits are puns off of Harry Potter.

Minor Characters

* Roger the Skelewog: Roger the Skelewog is a vicious warrior from 9 to 5. Being a scary monster is just his job. When a whistle blows, he goes home to his equally fearsome wife, teenaged son Roger Jr. and 5-year-old daughter Tillman and life in the suburbs.

* Mrs. Skelewog: Roger's shrewish wife, who constantly nags him and bosses him around. She once kicked Roger out of the house.

* Lina's Father: Lina's hardworking aqua-blue farmer bear father. He first appears in "Beetlemania" and appears mostly in the background alongside his daughter. He also tries to keep Lina away from Yang because of his attraction to her. Though this seems to have failed.

* Coop's Mother: Coop's very attractive mother. She debuts in "The Gig Is Up" as an unrevealed member of Pandangerous' groupies. She officially debuts in "Party Favors", where it is revealed that she worries about her son's safety around Yin and Yang, giving her the goal to destroy their reputation and improve Coop's. She's very popular among the young male characters, such that they came to the party she was throwing for Coop just to see her. In "Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow" it revealed that she is a publicist.

* The Mighty Justice Orb: An orb-shaped judge. He appears conceited, as he loves being called "mighty".

* Stenogrosaurus: A female dinosaur that wears glasses. She mainly speaks in roars, but has revealed that she can speak English. She serves as The Mighty Justice Orb's stenographer.

* Miss Millipide (voiced by Linda Ballantyne): A centipide villain thief who attacks Yin and Yang in the Pong's Market. In the battle of Yin and Yang, she disappears. Later, she reappears in the same market for the revenge, but Yuck makes her "shred". She appears occasionally in later episodes as a mere cameo.

* Boopy Van Ha-Ha Pants: A clown who challenged Yo for the Woo Foo Tie and Suspenders in "Gone-A-Fowl".

* Jeremy: A young, nerdy turtle. He often exploits situations for his own enjoyment. His name and mother, the green humanoid, are revealed in "Brian Drain", where he starts his rebellion years.

* Samanthuh: An antelope-like adult woman. Her name is revealed in "This Yang Isn't Brought To You By...", where she joins M.A.T.J.Y., standing for Mothers Against That Jerk Yang until she renames after herself. Also revealed is her son, Arsten, and her love of coupons.

* Arsten: A horned child. His name is revealed in "This Yang Isn't Brought To You By...". Also revealed is his mother, Samanthuh.

* Larry and Johnson: Dave's only named tree allies from "Stuck". They were manipulated to defeat Smoke.

* Tillman: The toddler-aged daughter of Roger the Skelewog.

* F.L. Smeffman: Introduced in "Party Favors", he is a small, elf news reporter. As revieled in Gone-A-Fowl, he hosts a sensational news show named "Elf Talking About People More Populor Than You", alongside Nancy O. Delffa. He apparently had a job at a cookie factory (a joke on the keebler elves). Also know as "F. Elf" or "Felf"

* Nancy O. Delffa: F.L. Smeffman's friend and co-host to "Elf Talking About People More Popular Than You", where she constantly cuts-off Smeffman.

* Announcers: Two announcers (each carrying their own decade reference) who follow and narrate the lives of people, mostly villains. The modern one being a spotted boar and the 50s one being a humanoid, purple creature.

* Corky: A young and up-beat nerd. He made a cameo in "Smorks" and had a major role as Yin and Yang's comicle friend in "Situation Tragedy".

* Spinoff: A cute cockroach child. In "Situation Tragedy", he became Carl the Evil Cockroach Landlord's adorable sidekick. His catchphrase is "You gots to wuv me!" and he becomes very upset when he learns someone doesn't wuv him.

* Lil' Schnozface: A Puppygriff that Yang finally convinced Master Yo to buy as a pet. After tying him to a house in favor of giving Dave a wedgie, the house was actually a train heading to Tallville. Three months later, Schnozface was full grown and had a deep hatred for Yang. But he also hated his new Tallville owner, who had taken Yin and Yang as pets. After helping them escape, he went off to fly free among his kind, only to be eaten by a giant bird. He revealed all Puppygriffs can talk.

Cast & Crew


In "Imagination Situation", there is a blooper at the end, Yin's eyelashes disappear and appear on Yang's eyes. In some episodes Yang's teeth appear in Yin's mouth and Yin's teeth in Yang's mouth.

In the episode "Aura or not" Yang consistently calls the move "Paws of Pain" and Yin always corrects him. But despite its name actually being "Paws of Power", Yo calls it "Paws of Pain." There is more confusion when Yo calls the move the "Paws of Power" in "Turnabout".

In the intro, Yin's eyes turn purple when squinting at the lyric "When might and magic work as one...".

In "Who Knows What Evil Lurks", when Yang breaks Yin's Foo Field around him in the beginning, he is translucent for a bit. Also, Lina seems to be noticeably missing her accent in newly-recorded scenes (or to put it better, scenes not taken from other episodes}.

In "This Yang Isn't Brought To You By...", when Yin and Yang start using the Woo Foo Aura, Yang is the right half and Yin is the left. However, through most of the fight, Yin is on the right and Yang is on the left.

In "Yin! Yang! Yuck!" Yin, Yang and Yuck go to a pizza joint, on the table that they are sitting at a single pizza is there. Yuck violently eats the pizza, getting it all over Yin and Yang, in the next shot the pizza reappears.

In "Wonder Tweens go" Yang had teeth like yuck's teeth.

pecial events

The show has seen several marathon screenings and other events, presumably as a form of advertising:

*Rabbit Takeover- an online event, the show's writers and artists were to live like rabbits for 60 days.

*Yin Yang Yo overthrow, the official (UK) show premier. An 18-hour marathon with the repeat of 4 episodes all-day and a new one at 7:30 on US Jetix on Toon Disney. It was also shown on Jetix UK on February 12, 2007 for 10hrs.

*Yin Yang-tastic Marathon- A 90 minute season finale that followed a marathon of 23 Yin Yang Yo episodes stretched out over the weekend.

*Don't Bug Your Mother Mothers Day Marathon- a collection of episodes, most of which featuring Carl and Herman's mother, Edna.

*Every Good Villain Has a Battle Cry Marathon- A marathon of the Yin Yang Yo! villains with their battle cries on Labor Day from 9 a.m. to 1.p.m

*Yin Yang Yo-lebration/Voice Your Choice Marathon- A marathon of Yin Yang Yo episodes (voted on by viewers) on January 21st, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, starting at 6 pm and ending with a new episode at 8:30 pm.


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* [http://yinyangyo.wikia.com/wiki/ Yin Yang Yo! Wiki]


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