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Transnational Institute

Transnational Institute (TNI) is an international think tank for progressive politics. It was established in 1974 in Amsterdam and serves as a network for scholars and activists. Though now independent, it was established as the international programme of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies.

TNI receives part of its institutional funding from the Samuel Rubin Foundation (New York). In addition, it is supported on a project basis by a range of funders, including church agencies, peace and environmental organisations, European foreign and development co-operation ministries, the European Commission, and private foundations in the United States and Europe.


TNI programmes engage in a broad range of research, policy advocacy and civil society networking activities.

* The Alternative Regionalisms programme addresses the question of alternative development from the perspective of social movements and regional coalitions of civil society organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It facilitates cross-regional exchanges on a South-South and South-North basis through a series of Peoples’ Dialogues.

* The Drugs and Democracy programme analyses global trends in drugs policy and promotes a pragmatic approach to tackling illegal drugs based on harm reduction principles. Its work on drugs and conflict in the Andean/Amazon region, Afghanistan and Burma forges connections between illicit drugs and wider issues of demilitarisation, democratisation, public health promotion and poverty reduction. These are then reflected in attempts to influence the policy debate at UN and regional decision-making levels.

* The New Politics programme engages with innovations and experimentation by social movements, progressive political parties and governments worldwide. It stimulates new thinking and policy proposals on participatory democracy, political organisation, urban governance and rural democratisation.

* The Environmental Justice project monitors the negative impact of pollution trading upon environmental, social and economic justice, and works to develop community-led responses to it.

* The Militarism and Globalisation project analyses the changing global frameworks for military intervention and the spread of new security infrastructures. Its current focus includes work on defence industrial reorganisation and the accountability of foreign military bases.

* The Water Justice project promotes participatory, public sector water as the most viable means to achieve the goal of water for all. It facilitates the creation of new regional and global networks to promote public-public co-operation in the water sector. TNI also publishes a Public Services yearbook on the impact of privatisation and experiences of public sector reform globally.


TNI's first director was Eqbal Ahmad, followed by Orlando Letelier. Its current director is Fiona Dove. Current fellows include Susan George, Hilary Wainwright, Praful Bidwai, Walden Bello, John Cavanagh, Achin Vanaik, Boris Kagarlitsky, Phyllis Bennis and Jochen Hippler. TNI's senior fellows are Saul Landau, Michael Shuman, and Dan Smith. Former fellows include John Gittings and Fred Halliday

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