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RussianName=Липецкая область


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FoundationDate=January 6, 1954
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EconomicRegion=Central Black Earth
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HeadName=Oleg Korolyov
PrimeTitle=First Deputy
PrimeName=Yury Bozhko
Legislature=Oblast Council of Deputies
ConstitutionName=Charter of Lipetsk Oblast

Lipetsk Oblast ( _ru. Ли́пецкая о́бласть, "Lipetskaya oblast") is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast) which was formed on January 6, 1954. Its administrative center is the city of Lipetsk.


Lipetsk Oblast borders Ryazan Oblast (NE), Tambov Oblast (E), Voronezh Oblast (S), Kursk Oblast (SW), Oryol Oblast (W), and Tula Oblast (NW).

Time zone

Lipetsk Oblast is located in the Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).

The sights

The world's first hyperboloid structure—the steel open-work lattice tower—is located in Polibino, Dankovsky District of Lipetsk Oblast. The hyperboloid tower was built and patented in 1896 by the famous Russian engineer and scientist Vladimir Shukhov. The hyperboloid structures were subsequently built by other architects, such as Antoni Gaudí, Le Corbusier, and Oscar Niemeyer.


The most important industrial branches are the iron processing and the mechanical engineering. The most industrialized cities are Lipetsk, the administrative center, and Yelets.

Administrative divisions

Law and government

The current Governor is Oleg Korolyov.

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