Hun (disambiguation)

Hun or HUN may refer to:


* Hun, a member of the Huns, a confederation of Eurasian tribes
* Huna (people)
* Xionites ("Red Huns")
* Hephthalite ("White Huns")
* Kidarite
* Xiongnu
* Germans, as they were called by the English during WWI


* Hualien Airport, IATA airport code HUN
* Huntingdon railway station, National Rail station code HUN
* Huntington (Amtrak station), station code HUN


* "Hun" is short for honey, used as a term of endearment.

Fictional characters

* Hun, a character in "Pokémon"
* Hun, a character in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Other uses

* Hun (instrument), a traditional Korean flute made of clay
* Hungary
* F-100 Super Sabre
* Grey partridge (abbreviation of "Hungarian partridge").
* hún (魂), the ethereal manifestation of the soul according to Chinese belief
* Country code for HUN

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