Lists of lakes

These are series of lists of lakes.

*List of lakes
*List of lakes by area
*List of lakes by depth
*List of lakes by name
*List of lakes by volume
*List of lakes named after people
*List of largest lakes of Western Europe

Lists by country

*List of lakes in Albania
*List of lakes in Australia
*List of lakes in Canada
**List of lakes in Alberta
**List of lakes in Ontario
*List of lakes in Chad
*List of lakes in the Czech Republic
*List of lakes in Estonia
*List of lakes in Finland
*List of lakes in France
*List of lakes in Greece
*List of lakes in Hong Kong
*List of lakes in Iceland
*List of Irish loughs
*List of lakes in Japan
*List of lakes in Montenegro
*List of lakes in New Zealand
*List of lakes in Norway
*List of lakes in Pakistan
*List of lakes in Romania
*List of lakes in Russia
*List of lakes in Serbia
*List of lakes in Singapore
*List of lakes in Sweden
*List of lakes in Switzerland
*List of lakes in Turkey
*List of lakes in the United Kingdom
**List of lakes in Wales
**List of lakes in Scotland
**List of lakes in the Lake District
*List of lakes in the United States
**List of lakes in Alabama
**List of lakes in Arizona
**Lakes, reservoirs, and dams in Kansas
**List of lakes in Minnesota
**List of lakes in New Hampshire
**List of lakes in Ohio
**List of lakes in Oklahoma
**List of lakes of the LCRV (birdwatching)
**List of lakes in Washington
**List of lakes in West Virginia

ee also

*Lists of rivers
*List of reservoirs and dams

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