Psycho is slang for a person who is either psychopathic or psychotic. The term is often considered mildly offensive or derogatory.


* "Psycho" (1960 film), directed by Alfred Hitchcock
* "Psycho" (1998 film), a remake directed by Gus Van Sant
* "Psycho II", a 1983 sequel to the first film (unrelated to the novel "Psycho II")
* "Psycho III", a 1986 sequel to the first film
* "", a 1990 prequel to the first film


* "Psycho" (novel), a 1959 novel by Robert Bloch
* "Psycho II" (novel), a 1982 novel by Bloch
* "Psycho Barlas Karahocaoglu" (novel), a 1991 novel by Sedef Işım
* Psycho House


* "Psycho", a song by country and western songwriter Leon Payne. This is a tongue-in-cheek storyline song loosely based on the Norman Bates character
* "Psycho", a song by Puddle of Mudd from their album "Famous"
* "Psycho", a song by System of a Down from the album "Toxicity"
* "Psycho", a 1965 song by The Sonics
* "Psycho", a song by Infected Mushroom from "The Gathering"
* "Psycho", an album by Element of Crime
* "Psycho Killer", a song by Talking Heads
* "Psycho Girl", a song by Busted
* "PSYCHO", an 80's punk/thrash/noise/crust/grind band from Cambridge MA

Sports figures

* Stuart Pearce, an English football player and manager nicknamed "Psycho"
* Steve Lyons (baseball), a utility baseball player nicknamed "Psycho"
* Peter Ebdon, English snooker cueist nicknamed "Psycho"
* Tyler Hansbrough, a University of North Carolina basketball player nicknamed Psycho T


* "Psycho", a horror comic magazine from Skywald Publications
* Psycho, an automaton invented and displayed on stage by the Victorian illusionist John Nevil Maskelyne
* Psycho (company), a Japanese visual novel studio
* Psychiatrist (game), also known as Psycho, a party game
* Psyco, a just-in-time compiler for the Python programming language
* Psycho Mantis, a character from the game "Metal Gear Solid"
* Psycho, a weasel and one of the members of the Toon Patrol from 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit
*Michael "Psycho" Sykes, the main character in 2008 video game Crysis Warhead.

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