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A marsh is a type of wetland.

Marsh may also refer to:




United States


  • Marsh Insurance Broker, an insurance broker and strategic risk advisor
  • Marsh Supermarkets, a supermarket chain based in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies is a U.S.-based global professional services firm


  • Adam Marsh (c. 1200-1259), English Franciscan, scholar and theologian
  • Adrian Marsh (born 1978), English cricketer
  • Albert L. Marsh (1877-1944), American metallurgist
  • Albert Marsh (Medal of Honor recipient) (d. 1895), U.S. Medal of Honor recipient
  • Anna Marsh (??-1834), who established the Vermont Asylum of the Insane
  • Brad Marsh (born 1958), former Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Carol Marsh (born 1929), British film actress
  • Charles Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Clifton E. Marsh (born 1946), American author, sociologist and educator
  • Dan Marsh, Canadian professional wrestling referee and a professional wrestler
  • Dave Marsh (born 1950), American music critic
  • David Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • D. E. Marsh (1862-1933), Locomotive Superintendent of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway from 1905 to 1911
  • Edward Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Frank Lewis Marsh (1899-1992), American biologist
  • Fred Marsh (1924-2006), American baseball player
  • Gary Marsh, Disney Channel executive
  • Geoff Marsh (born 1958), former Australian cricketer and coach
  • George Perkins Marsh (1801-1882), American philologist and diplomat
  • Graham Marsh (born 1944), former Australian professional golfer
  • Henry Marsh (athlete) (born 1954), former American steeplechase athlete
  • Herbert Marsh (1757-1839), Church of England Bishop
  • Howard Marsh (died 1969), leading Broadway tenor
  • Hugh Marsh (born 1955), Canadian violinist
  • James Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Jean Marsh (born 1934), English actress
  • Jem Marsh (born 1930), British engineer and racing car driver
  • Jesse Marsh (1907-1966), American comic book and animation artist
  • Joan Marsh (1913-2000), American actress
  • Jodie Marsh (born 1978), British glamour model and reality TV star
  • John Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Kyal Marsh (born 1987), Australian actor
  • Kym Marsh (born 1976), English actress and singer
  • Lou Marsh (1879-1936), Canadian athlete and sports journalist
  • Mae Marsh (1894-1968), American actress
  • Matthew Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Melissa Marsh (born 1985), Australian basketball player
  • Michael Marsh (athlete) (born 1967), former American sprinter
  • Michael Marsh (journalist), American television news anchor
  • Michele Marsh (born 1954), former American television news reporter
  • Michelle Marsh (model) (born 1982), British glamour model
  • Mike Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Mitchell Marsh (born 1991), Australian cricketer
  • Narcissus Marsh (1638-1713), English clergyman
  • Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982), New Zealand mystery novelist and theatre director
  • Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899), American paleontologist
  • Ozan Marsh (1920-1992), American concert pianist
  • PJ Marsh (born 1980), Australian rugby league player
  • Phil Marsh (born 1986), English footballer
  • Randy Marsh (born 1949), Major League baseball umpire
  • Ray Brent Marsh, mortician responsible for the Tri-State Crematory scandal
  • Reginald Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Richard Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Rod Marsh (born 1947), retired Australian cricketer
  • Rodney Marsh (footballer) (born 1944), retired English footballer
  • Sally Ann Marsh, British singer and actress
  • Shaun Marsh (born 1983), Australian cricketer
  • Stanley Marsh 3 (born 1938), American artist and philanthropist
  • Terry Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Thomas B. Marsh (1799-1866), leader in the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Tom Marsh, American former Major League Baseball player
  • Tom Marsh (Oregon politician), former member of the Oregon House of Representatives
  • Tony Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Warne Marsh (1927-1987), American tenor saxophonist
  • William Henry Marsh, governor of Hong Kong 1882-83 and 1885-87

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