I'm Still Here... Damn It!

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Name = I'm Still Here... Damn It!
Type = Album
Longtype = CD
Artist = Sandra Bernhard

Released = 1998
Recorded = 1998
Genre = Comedy, Pop
Length =
Label = TVT Records
Producer = Sandra Bernhard
Reviews =
Last album = "Excuses For Bad Behavior (Part One)"
This album = "I'm Still Here... Damn It!"
Next album = "The Love Machine"

"I'm Still Here... Damn It" is an album released by singer/comedian/actress Sandra Bernhard. The album is a live recording of her one-woman show by the same name; it combines comedic monologues and musical performances. The final track, "On the Runway Remix", is a studio-produced dance bonus track that recreates the live performance of the track by the same name.

In the performance Bernhard does what she is best known for: she rips apart celebrity culture while commenting on events of the time. Among the topics she addresses: the death of Princess Diana, Mariah Carey, Courtney Love, modern technology, religion, the world of high fashion and relationships.

In the merchandise listing on Bernhard's official website it has stated for over a year: "Coming soon: Special edition with bonus tracks, available only from SB.com!" This has yet to appear for sale.

Track listing

#Walk Tall
#Difficult Times
#On The Runway
#Too Many Magazines
#Courtney Love
#The Beautiful Women In Hollywood
#Lilith Fair
#Designer Culture
#Romance & Drugs
#Mama's Getting Hot
#Jazzy Spider
#Fabulous Trip To Morocco/God Is Good
#Sandy's Taxi
#Hermino Is My House Painter
#"That's My L.A."
#Midnight Train To Georgia
#On The Runway (Remix)


The DVD for "I'm Still Here... Damn It!" was released on February 22,2000. The DVD is Unrated and contains the following single bonus feature:
*30 minutes of footage not seen in the broadcast version.:The DVD is directed by "Marty Callner".

The Unrated VHS was also released. But it does not contain the bonus footage.

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