Congregation Beth Elohim

, the rabbis were Andy Bachman and Shira Koch Epstein, the congregational scholar was Rabbi Daniel Bronstein, and the Rabbi emeritus was Gerald Weider. Bachman became the first new senior rabbi of the congregation in 25 years on October 25, 2006. A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison with a rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College in 1996, Bachman, before becoming senior rabbi of Beth Elohim, had previously been an educator there from 1993 to 1998. An advocate of more traditionalism in the Reform movement, in 2002 he started a small, more traditional, Hebrew-focused spinoff minyan at Beth Elohim,Nussbaum Cohen (2002).] and has spoken in favor of a more traditional liturgy.Lando (2007).] Bachman and his wife, Rachel Altstein, have been instrumental in bringing 20 and 30 year-olds into the synagogue, and in December 2007, Bachman was named one of "The Forward"'s "Forward 50". [ "Forward 50"] , "The Forward", December 12, 2007.] Since January 2008 he has been a regular contributor to the Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive website.



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External links

* [ Synagogue website]
* [ Rabbi Andy Bachman's website]
*PDFlink|1= [ "Rebuking narrow-mindedness"] , summary of a sermon given by Rabbi William Sparger of Congregation Beth Elohim, in "The New York Times", May 31, 1886, p. 2.
*PDFlink|1= [ "The Day of Atonement; Jews, Rich and Poor Alike, Spend the Day in Fasting and Prayer."] , summary of a sermon given by Rabbi G. Taubenhaus of Congregation Beth Elohim, in "The New York Times", October 7, 1897, p. 7.
*PDFlink|1= [ "Sweeping Dust Into the Air."] , letter to the editor by Rabbi Alexander Lyons of Congregation Beth Elohim, in "The New York Times", October 12, 1902, p. 6.

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