List of devices that support H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

Devices listed by manufacturer


** GO-HD
** iPod classic (5th/6th Generation Only)
** iPod nano (3rd Generation Only)
** iPod touch
** Apple TV
** iPhone
* ADB []
**3800W []
**5810WX []
**Archos TV+
** [ VDEC Video Decoder]


* Beyonwiz


**Vixia HR10 (plays & records)
**Vixia HG10 (plays & records)
**Vixia HF10 (plays & records)
**Vixia HF100 (plays & records)



** turbo.264 Video Encoder
** P-5000


**HD2-G898 (discontinued)
**HD2-G891 (discontinued)
**HD2-G801 (discontinued)


**hai200 TASMAN
**X3000 not supported


* i3 Mood STB's (see Tilgin )


*Linksys / Cisco
** DP-1600 (Kiss 1600)


**Xbox 360 (after 5/7/2007 spring update)
**Zune (4/8/80g models)
**Modified Xbox with Media Center software
**VideoExpress Video Encoder


**6280 (Firmware version 5.92)
**N95 ( [ Official Product Page] )








** SageTV HD Media Extender
** Xacti CG65 digital media camera
** Xacti CA65/E1 waterproof digital media camera
** Xacti CA8/E2 waterproof digital media camera
** Xacti CG9 digital media camera
** Xacti HD700 HD digital movie camera
** Xacti HD1000 HD digital movie camera
** Xacti HD1010 HD digital movie camera
** VP-HMX10 digital movie camera
** HDR-SR1
** HDR-SR10E
** HDR-SR5
** HDR-SR7
** HDR-SR8
** HDR-UX1
** HDR-UX3
** HDR-UX7
** HDR-CX6
** Playstation 3
** PlayStation Portable (Using a modified container in Firmware 2.0 to 2.71. Uses standard container in Firmware 2.8)
** PCS-1
**PCS-G series
**PCS-TL series
*Sony Ericsson
*Streaming Networks
*Surf Communication Solutions
** [ Version 5.0 of SurfWare-Media]


**STB5000 (software decoder)
**Sky HD Box
**TVC HD Box
**Mood 300
**Mood 400


** Ojo Video Phone (PVP-series)
*Windows Mobile 5/6 Based Devices


*ZTE F850 phone

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* H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Products and Implementations

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* [ TechnoTrend AG website]
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* [ Omisys DVD Player MPEG4]
* [ Apple iPod Features]
* [ Apple TV specifications]
* [ Apple iPhone specifications]

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