Ice blocking

Ice blocking is a quasi-sport in which individuals race to the bottom of a hill sitting on large blocks of ice. It is sometimes recommended as a good activity for dating, or scout camps. In the United States ice blocking is thought to be regional, occurring in the West. Ice blocking is already fairly prominent in Australia, particularly Tasmania and South Australia, due to climate. Since snow is sparse in Australia, most Australians do not have the chance to sled.

The only equipment needed is some large blocks of ice and thick, preferably padded, clothing. Hessian sacks or old towels have been recommended to sit on. Enthusiasts have been known to make "customized" ice blocks by freezing ropes into them to act as handles, and mixing colouring agents into the water prior to freezing.

Hazards include falls, bruises, bug bites and getting covered in mud. The bottom of the slope being used should be a wide area free from obstructions. Short grass is reported to give the best experience, due to lower drag and hence higher speed. It also hurts your buttocks less when you fall.

Generally it is an informal activity not done on a competitive basis but at least one university has held an ice-blocking contest. []

This activity can damage the grass and is often banned or restricted by park authorities and groundskeepers. For example, the city of Mesa, Arizona has four sites where ice blocking is permitted in rotation, depending on the judgement of the management. In Fresno, California the sport has been embraced by high school students, who frequent parks during late night hours in an effort to evade law enforcement officers. Ice blocking has also been featured on television on the MTV series "Jackass".

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When the ice you freeze is in the shape of a cylinder, the sport it similarly referred to as "Ice Cylindering".

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